Friday, April 8, 2016

Wristocat - A Cure for Torchlight Wrist?

We interrupt your regularly unscheduled tabletop role-playing blog post for something a bit more tech related.  

Between work, blogging, and gaming I spend a ton of time on my computer.  Usually I start my day at work with emails, reports, and then more emails before coming home... where I just repeat the process but replace "reports" with "social media'ing" and "blogging".  Then, once everything is done, I start gaming.  Even though most of my blogging is about tabletop role-playing, I kick back with the electronic versions when possible, with Torchlight 2 being my current fave.  

At some point in the evening, usually after my Outlander has gained a level, I notice that my right wrist and hand are sore.  If I were smart, I'd quit delving and do something else, but I'm your typical hard-headed gamer, so I just take a break for tea and return to the smash-fest.  When I finally do end up having to see a doctor, I'm going to tell them that I've developed "Torchlight Wrist", although Diablo 2 did a number on my hand as well.  

So... what does this have to do with that Wristocat thing in the picture above?

As well as being an awesome business-minded dude at work, and a gaming evangelist in my spare time, I love to support local business ventures...

... especially when they can support my gaming addictions!

After speaking with a colleague, I found out about this levitating wrist support device currently on Indiegogo:

The Wristocat video looked interesting, and after watching a subsequent design and development video, I really liked the idea that this was going to be designed and produced right here in Pittsburgh!


So I'm now a proud backer for two of these Wristocat devices, and look forward to receiving the final products.  Perhaps it'll save me from having to explain to my doctor what "Torchlight 2" is, and how it's vital to my existence that I continue to stay up past 3 AM playing.  

As of right now (Friday, April 8, 2016) the Wristocat project is at $90K, which is double their initial funding goal.  There are thirteen days left in the campaign, so if this seems like something you'd like to try, make sure to jump onboard.  If you are on the fence, just remember that this is supporting local business.  

Pittsburgh pride, n'at!   

You can follow this link to the Indigogo page and get some more info on the backer levels and design notes.  

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