Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Wize Wizard McBride

If your'e a reader of my post RPG session play reports, you may recognize the name of The Wize Wizard McBride.  This is my wife +Jennifer Walls' character in our weekly, Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign.  Jen and I made a deal with my daughter +Carina W. recently.  We'd purchase a few Copic markers for her in return for some character portraits.  

The Wize Wizard McBride is the first of these art projects.  

Jen described the character as "Danny McBride meets Dungeon Master from the old D&D Cartoon."  The character itself, ironically NOT a Wizard but instead a Cleric of Cthulhu, is always followed by his faithful ghoul companion Brock.  I'll list the full stats in a moment.

I'm extraordinarily proud of Carrie's work, and her finishing it on Father's Day makes me extremely happy.  I hope you get a kick out of the art, and I look forward to posting more!

*     *     *
The Wize Wizard McBride:  2nd Level Cleric of Cthulhu

  • Strength 12, Agility 10, Stamina 8, Personality 17, Intelligence 9, Luck 11
  • Initiative +0; Armor Class 13; Hit Points 14
  • Weapons:  Short Sword, Dagger
  • Armor:  Leather Armor, Shield
  • Notable Equipment: Dragon Skull Helmet
  • Spells:  Darkness, Detect Magic, Resist Heat or Cold, Blessing, Word of Command
  • Companion:  Brock the Tomb Ghoul (AC 8; 13 HP; Atk Claw +1 melee, 1d5 dmg, SP: Darkvision)