Monday, April 20, 2015

X-Wing Flight Report 1 - The Fault in Our Star Wars

Embracing the Holy Trilogy

As you may already know, Thursday's release of the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer caused me to get a little crazy on  I picked out a select few (or more) ships for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, completed my order, and by Saturday there was this enormous box sitting outside my house.  To have a bit of fun with this experience, I didn't tell my wife Jen what I had purchased, and instead insisted that she take part in a sick and twisted unboxing video.  She knew that I had purchased the X-Wing starter set, but had no idea that I was going to release the full power of the "dark side" on our family.  

The reveal was pretty awesome:  

Since Jen was such a good sport, I thought I'd invite her to join me for my very first game of Star Wars X-Wing…

… that's right… I purchased all this plastic goodness before having played the game.  But I did watch the Tabletop episode about a dozen times!

We waited until the kiddos were in bed, and then went to grab the big sheet of felt that Jen helped me pick out from Joann Fabrics Saturday.  Sure it wasn't as shiny or interesting as one of the official play-mats, but we figured it would suit our purposes!

I wasn't sure if Jen would agree to playing last night, so I made her a deal:  if she were to play Star Wars X-Wing with me I would watch The Fault in Our Stars with her.  Thankfully (for both of us), Jen informed me that she had already watched the movie earlier in the week on her own, and I was off the hook.  So long as I promised to give her a foot rub after our game, she had no problem sitting down for the maiden flight of my Imperial TIE Fighters!  

Game 1

Lone X-Wing vs. 2 TIE Fighters as we try the "Quick Start Rules" provided in the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures starter set.  Please note that these rules are trimmed down and exclude a lot of the rules so that players can learn the basics of the game.

  • Imperials (Jim):  2 TIE Fighters
  • Rebels (Jen):  1 X-Wing

Before I get into the details of this first game, I need to thank my wife again for being so awesome.  The last time Jen played a miniatures combat game was back in 1999, when she tried Crimson Skies.  She may have played one other time in '99, but no more.  She admitted, before we played, that she would probably not do very well, and asked that I don't embarrass her.  

Unfortunately, the Emperor demanded blood!

My two TIE Fighters darted ahead as Jen's X-Wing banked right.  I then started chasing her, lining up at least one of my pilots for a shot each round.  Each time I had a shot, Jen's X-Wing pilot was just out of reach, save for a single round.  

Eventually Jen's X-Wing pilot broke free, but I was right on her tail, continuing to fire.  Actually her rolling was quite good!  She kept evading my attacks, and I couldn't seem to land a shot, despite being right on her tail.  

Unfortunately for Jen, only a couple rounds later I was again lined up so that both of my TIE's could shoot.  Jen's X-Wing was heavily damaged, and probably should've made the jump to lightspeed in retreat, but perhaps her hyperdrive was damaged.  Academy Pilot proudly got his first kill!  

*     *     *

Over the next few weeks we plan on learning all of the ins and outs of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game (as well as the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Role-Playing Game), and would love to hear some feedback!  As we get closer to Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), we will be doing some actual play videos, reviews, and perhaps a few more Flight Reports as I face off against other pilots!  

If there are any products that you would like to hear our thoughts or opinions on let us know…

… we now have quite a few to choose from!