Sunday, March 4, 2018

Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Five

Under a Weirdling Sun

Peril on the Purple Planet is an epic DCCRPG box set devised by +Harley Stroh. The adventure is a hex crawl, so player characters get to explore a completely open and lush world. Characters must discover artifacts, make alliances, battle terrifying worms, and sustain the deadly sun's rays if they are to ever make their way back home.

Care to hear about this week's banishment? Read on!

Previous Tales of the Banished

The Banished

Banished to the Purple Planet, Part Five

Damn, it's been over a month since the last blog posting! This all has to do with a certain new job that I started. While I've been getting to the game table (even managed to play three games of Savage Worlds last month!) I haven't had much time to write about it. Here's hoping things calm down soon.

On to the journal entries:

Day 7

  • The party's evening started out with some Q&A with their new teammate: Dukdiv.
  • Dukdiv the Kith (a class from the Peril on the Purple Planet box set) was a member of lesser clan serving House Cotcyst out of Castellum Cotcyst. 
  • According to Dukdiv, House Cotcyst was the mortal enemy of House Reagen'Tor. House Cotcyst was extremely organized, technologically advanced, and was led by heads floating in jars. 
  • Dukdiv ended up in the belly of the Death Orm during a raid against House Reagen'Tor forces. Judging by the proximity of the Ancestor Peaks and the nearby Mushroom Forest, Dukdiv believed Castellum Cotcyst to be west of the party's location.
  • Unfortunately, when the party investigated the Mushroom Forest, they realized that their hover skiff was too large to make it through the 'shroomy woods. This created a dilemma, as the party sought food and water, and the forest was probably a better source of sustenance than the wastes. 
  • Fortunately, Ssof Rehtaf realized that he could pray to Aristemis for some "Food of the Gods!" The cleric created a massive feast that would take care of not only the active crew, but everyone riding in the back of the skiff. [Judge's Note: Andy had been playing his Paladin, Lil Hammy, for much of this adventure, but swapped over to his other divine character. On his roll for Food of the Gods Andy got a natural 20!]
  • With food in their bellies, the party traveled north in their skiff, choosing to skirt the outside of the forest while retaining their magic craft.
  • During the first couple hours of travel, the party saw several kith warbands and scouting parties. Rather than interact with them, "Captain Floyd" chose to just outrun them all on the open wastes. 
  • The skiff wasn't nearly as fast over the broken hills, so when a small pride of Strekleons appeared (15' long, 6' high porcupine-lion hybrids), the party had no choice but to fight back. Unfortunately, Floyd flubbed his attempt at attacking while driving, and flipped the skiff, pouring the party out onto the sandy hillside. In a tense battle, Watson's eagle-based magic paired with Otto's Axe of Pure Scream (received from Razoul in the first Purple Planet session) won the day. 
  • During this battle, the party almost lost Nutbiter, who had finished off one of the Strekleons, but then took damage for attacking with his mouth, due to spines. When Marc declared that Nutbiter shook the Strekleon's "parts" a bit more after biting, I declared even more damage! Fortunately Ssof healed the war shih-tzi. 
  • Continuing north, the party ran into several abandoned Kith war camps, and another dead Death Orm. This just led to more swag gained. I should note, from the Judge's perspective, that I decided to make the earnings from these scavenging raids more lucrative. So long as they passed a difficulty 10 intelligence check, each player got to roll on the random Kith gear table for loot while searching camps.
  • The party also discovered a Gribb nest at the edge of the Mushroom Forest. Damn, this almost cost the team their wizard! The party saw that there were bits of green shards sticking out of the paper-like Gribb nest. Watson got greedy, and approached, finding a silver gauntlet sticking out of the guano on the ground. The wizard cast a sleep spell on the Gribbs above, successfully putting 4 of 40 to sleep. 
  • The other 36 attacked. 
  • Again, Otto's Axe of Pure Scream came to the rescue! The warrior activated its Scare power, and Jonata rolled a natural 20! After spending a point of Luck, the Axe scared off the remaining Gribbs for enough time that the rest of the party could get to the Skiff. 
  • At least Watson was able to grab the silver gauntlet. Unfortunately, the party wasn't able to figure out what it did yet. 
  • After traversing a few more hills and plains, the skiff came to a halt in front of another Kith Warband. These weren't refugees or mindless raiders. These Kith were members of Dukdiv's House Cotcyst. 23 warriors and 1 warlord, to be exact. Finally, after a week under the weirdling sun, The Free Company would have the opportunity to make contact with some potential allies. 
  • Note (for game purposes), at the end point of the adventure it was 5 am, and there were 4 hours left on the current shard powering the skiff. 


Floyd: "How do you execute people?"
Dukdiv: "Would you like a demonstration?"

"If you can't kill someone with your bare hands in real life, you can't do it in the game." - Andy was trying to make a point here. I'm scared. 

"NO PISS ANYMORE!" - Otto screams, as he no longer needs to drink his own urine due to Ssof's Food of the Gods spell. 

"I rolled a 30..." - Andy, rolling for the Judge to determine the number of Gribbs in the nest. 

"I have a bundle of wood!" - Jonata always has wood.

In Memoriam 

  • Almost killed Nutbiter