Friday, January 20, 2017

Prince Charming Reanimator - DCCRPG 2017 World Tour


Okay, I'm going to keep this post light and short, just because of how tired I am.  It's been a pretty rough day on my end.  Flat tire in the morning, crazy day at work, lots going on on the social media'ing, and then my wife and I had our monthly event with the Norwin Game Knights.  I was tired when I rolled into the club event, and there was a bit of dread that rolled over me as I realized that we were heavy on players but short on GM's.

All in all, we had around fifteen total players interested in gaming with us, and only me and my daughter Evie were prepared to run anything.  So Evie broke out her own, homebrewed, No Thank You, Evil! adventure and I grabbed Prince Charming Reanimator by Daniel Bishop.  Evie took three of the players, and I took the other twelve.  

Great night of gaming, but my voice is about done!

Not Your Typical Fairy Tale

As I mentioned, I'm pretty zonked, but I do want to make a few points about Prince Charming Reanimator.  First, it's a Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level funnel adventure published by Purple Duck games.  Just like many of the Goodman Games 0-level adventures, this one is over the top, full of peril, and great for a group of newbies who are trying out DCCRPG for the first time.  But it's the theme of Prince Charming Reanimator that makes it stand out for me amongst other DCCRPG modules.  

Our family just got back from Disney World last Sunday, and I was in the mood for something fanciful and light, but also a bit twisted.  Prince Charming Reanimator definitely fit the bill.  In the game, the PC's have been conscripted by Prince Charming to locate a beautiful, seemingly dead maiden so that he may have her hand in marriage.  Apparently there are a whole mess of dead maidens that Prince Charming found himself with, some that he raised from the dead after falling to terrible, fairytale ends.  

The adventure is bloodbath!  We had twenty-three PC's to start, with another four added during the course of the game.  Nineteen total 0-level PC's lost their lives.  The adventure recommends letting the players level up their characters as the game progresses.  I can't recommend this strongly enough.  If you are interested in having Prince Charming Reanimator kick off a brand new campaign, please let your players level up their characters before the last sequence!  For our one-shot, everything worked out well.

Since my table was full of younger players, mostly ages eleven to thirteen (with a pair of grownups), we had some crazy character names and personalities.  I swear that half the cast of Hamilton was on one side of the table, while the other had Slim Shady and Kim Jong Il.  I think my two favorite moments from the adventure came from those last two characters:

  • During the battle with the Rose Dragon, Kim Jong Il wielded a fiery magic sword but died quickly.  Not to fear, as the party's resident dentist, Herbie, picked up the former North Korean dictator's magic blade, and performed the death blow on the dragon.  Huzzah!  
  • Rather than handing over Beauty to the Prince, Slim Shady kissed her himself.  Spoiler Alert: not a good option!  If you are familiar with the adventure, read the flavor text that describes this sequence, but insert "Slim Shady" for every "Prince Charming."  The players loved it!

*     *     *

As I said, short post.  Prince Charming Reanimator is "Pay What You Want" on DriveThruRPG, but give them some love.  The adventure is well worth it, and I can't wait to try it again!  

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