Sunday, September 16, 2018

Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Nine

Under a Weirdling Sun

Peril on the Purple Planet is an epic DCCRPG box set devised by +Harley Stroh. The adventure is a hex crawl, so player characters get to explore a completely open and lush world. Characters must discover artifacts, make alliances, battle terrifying worms, and sustain the deadly sun's rays if they are to ever make their way back home.

Care to hear about this week's banishment? Read on!

Previous Tales of the Banished

The Banished

  • Marc
    • Nutbiter, Manimal 
    • Andy
      • Ssof Rehtaf, Cleric
      • Alex
        • Nicodemus, Thief
      • Jonata
        • Otto, Warrior

      Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Nine - The Rock Awakens, Part Three

      Day 9

      Time to wrap up our campaign's final session of The Rock Awakens, by Terry Olson! 

      • Our session began with Screaming Otto rejoining the party investigating the ancient and abandoned city. Nutbiter the Manimal, Ssof the Cleric of Aristemis, and Nicodemus the Thief had already spent much of the day questing about town.
      • The party was inside of a triangular building on the northern edge of town. The first circular room contained the control panel for the laser drones hovering outside of the building. Two stairwells led down from the room.
      • The party chose to travel down the eastern stairwell. Nutbiter led the way, and they found themselves in a storage room. The manimal searched the room a bit, recovering a few weird metal plates covered in diagrams. 
      • Ssof arrived on the scene just as a silent sphere appeared behind Nutbiter. Apparently, the guardian drone wasn't keen on the manimal pilfering from the structure. The drone blasted Nutbiter before the party was able to charge in and engage in combat. Screaming Otto lopped off one of the drone's weapons, and the party finished it off before it could fire again. 
      • Nutbiter searched the top of the drone, hoping to dig out some treasure. Unfortunately he set off a trap, getting further blasted. At least there was a greenstone shard powering the device. 
      • The part then traveled to the west into another nearby chamber. Inside they found a bizarre stone door in the floor. Laying next to the stone door was a dead Kith, an obvious victim to the prior room's drone. Nicodemus searched the Kith, and found him clutching a Bronze Skull Mace of Heavy Doom.
      • Bronze Skull Mace of Heavy Doom
        • Two Handed Weapon
        • Requires a Strength of 14 to wield
        • Attack rolls made at -1d
        • 1d16 damage
        • Vibrating head, with the bronze outer casing concealing a bizarre, otherworldly metal on the inside. 
      • The party made their way to the final chamber of the structure. Inside, they saw an eight-foot tall alien figure, covered in interstellar images and scenes, resting inside of a stasis field. The circular room was adorned in weird symbols and shapes. The stasis field had a button at its base. The party toggled the button, and the void creature was free!
      • The void creature was also really, really pissed off. Immediately it howled at the party, causing them much distress. It them transformed its hands into pointy speartips, and started a stabbing rampage. Poor Otto got a stabby-hand to his groin! 
      • The party seemed fairly unsuccessful in direct combat with the void creature. But Nutbiter hatched a plan to encase the creature in the stasis field again. Pushing it back into the field's range, Ssof pressed the button again, pinning the legs and lower torso of the creature within the energy barrier.
      • The creature's continued screaming incapacitated Otto (how ironic), and the entire structure started to shake violently. The party grabbed their warrior, and fled the building.
      • As they ran outside, Ssof healed Otto, and the group ran as far as they could from the triangular building. They needed to get outside of the city itself, as it appeared that the entire complex was rising into the sky. The city had been situated atop a great, stone, tentacled flying creature. 
      • The party jumped away from the city in one final leap just before the entire structure rose up and flew towards the Ancestor Peaks.
      • Fortunately, in the crater left behind, the party found 19 greenstone shards amongst the rubble.  


      "I don't think you intended it, but when you named the genie Brandon, all I can think is 'Brendan LeSalle'." - Marc. 

      "... and how many hit points would a dead Cleric give you? None!" - Andy defends his character's choice to hide in the lamp during the last battle. 

      "I'm back man!" - Screaming Otto back in combat.

      "Terry Olson is a d***. I'm not buying any more of his s***!" - Alex felt this adventure may have been a bit challenging. He expressed it with this phrase. (Please note, Mr. Olson, that this was stated entirely in jest, and with full knowledge that I was writing down quotes.) 

      "I know what she do with the dice!" - Jonata to Evie, rolling the last attack roll against Screaming Otto. 

      In Memoriam 

      • None this game

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