Sunday, December 16, 2018

Road Crew Event - Blood for the Serpent King - Part 1

Lars the Dwarf, drawn by his player Rob

I made two deals with myself prior to this event:

  1. Finally start Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom after months of attempts.
  2. No more blogging of post game recaps because they take too long.

Okay, I broke both of these deals. Instead of visiting the Cannibal Kingdom, I thought we'd give Blood for the Serpent King a go first. I'm working hard on finishing all the modules I've purchased, and I thought we could knock out the Serpent King in one session. I was wrong, although we should wrap it with the next session.

As to the post game recaps, this is the best way I have of keeping the game details organized. 

Adventure Overview

(Judge's Note: Only the most basic of details this time)

  • The PC's follow the treasure map they discovered at the Inn of Five Points to the swamps south of Five Points. They find a submerged temple within the mire.
  • Marco the Thief investigates the door to the ruin, aided by allowing Door (the spirit of doors living within his mind) and learns that a sacrifice is necessary to open the portal.
  • A flock of flying serpents is disturbed, and starts attacking Marco. Not long after, eight serpentfolk hunters appear and attack. The party dispatches the flying lizards, kills half the serpentfolk hunters, and scares off the other half. 
  • After using one of the serpentfolk corpses for a blood offering, the party opens the doorway into the ruins. Descending down a staircase Marco discovers a trap door. The party quickly gets to work barring the door to the outside, planting marbles all about, and setting an alarm rune just in case someone followed behind them. 
  • The next chamber has an altar with a case on top. Tonya pushes off the lid to the case, and is immediately stabbed by two guard statues (nearly dying). Inside the case are a trio of orbs: white, black, and green, each with a chip removed.
  • All about the chamber are murals and pictures. Behind the altar, serpentfolk writing adorns the walls. The party finds secret passages to the north and south. The one to the north holds all kinds of treasure. The one to the south reveals five skeletal serpentfolk on raised platforms, in addition to a dead dwarven explorer on the floor. The dead explorer is holding a case full of lenses that allow for different languages to be deciphered.
  • The party finds a secret door behind the altar, following it to a room largely occupied by a great chasm. The gap to the other side of the room is over thirty feet wide. When the party steps towards the edge, they are carried to the other side. But they can't be carried back, so they fashion a rope bridge so that they can return when they want. 
  • Moving into the next chamber, the party finds a white platform watched by a great serpent statue. The party discusses fleeing the dungeon with the treasure they've already found, when the alarm rune goes off.
  • A team of serpentfolk led by a cobra headed shaman make their way into the temple. The party lays a trap, with two members (Tonya and Marco) waiting to ambush the serpentfolk. They are able to kill off the cobra shaman quickly, but the remaining serpent folk are more than a match, considering their healthy usage of fatal poison.
  • After Larkin and Steve James find themselves poisoned by serpentfolk arrows, Marco locks out the asp headed humanoids while the party cooks up a plan. They resist the oncoming serpentfolk by barring the door just long enough to put marbles all over the floor by the ledge. When the serpentfolk are finally allowed to push through, they all slip on the marbles and fall down the well. 
  • Turd heals his poisoned teammates. 

What's Next?

Gotta finish the Serpent King!


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