Sunday, November 18, 2018

Road Crew Event - The [REDACTED] at [REDACTED]

I really can't share much about today's game at the Games Keep in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Not because I don't want to, but because we took part in a playtest of Brendan LaSalle's adventure The Inn at Five Points. Hell, I think that even sharing that much may be too much.

We'll see if I get struck down by the Dark Master. 

Anyway, here's what I can say. The adventure started off at Black Sand Port, with the party invited by Princess Kaeko of Fu Lamia to join on a quest for the Explorer's Guild. The team would need to travel to the Great City, however, which mean a week or so on the road headed west. 

That's where the adventure took place... on the road. 

I guess that's really all I can share, this being a super-secret playtest, and all. 

But there were a lot of quotes!


"It's a good thing our second cleric isn't here." - Will, missing Bueno's healing abilities with a TPK nearly in process.

"I have no healing magic. I only have fish." - Will only speaks the truth.

Sound's fishy to me." - Now we've got Ryan joining in the fish talkin'. 

"You never know when you need a sack of dead minnows." - Steve James the Ichtyomancer (played by Will, obviously.) 

"I have a nine foot and eleven inch pole." - Because Steve James lost an inch.

Ryan: "TPK!"
Cody: "That should be the name of the adventure." 

I wonder if the Black Crows could help with this." - Rob meant his book of Black Crows, not the band.

Will: "Why walk when we can summon an eel escalator?"
Cody: "Because it's slower." 

Open Story Points

  • Who was the mysterious thief that took Marco's cursed Necromancer's Dagger, and why did she want it?

Cast of Characters

  • Larkin, Elf, played by Shannon
    • Glassblower by trade, whose magic is derived through careful use of lenses, crystals, and light. 
    • Native of the Eastern Forest.
    • Owns a prized hen.
    • Seeks the Great Pumpkin as a patron
  • Turd Fergeson, played by Ryan
    • Faithful servant of Amon-Tor, goddess of mysteries.
    • Originally from Earth. 
    • Has possession of an endless suite of one-liners to fit every occasion.
  • Marco, Thief, played by Cody
    • Born and raised in Black Sand Port.
    • Tried to join the Thieves Guild, but was too rebellious. 
    • Learned several alien alphabets from his former Guildmaster's secret library. 
    • Partially possessed by the soul of a magic door named... Door. Door can grant Marco aid in dealing with other doors, at a cost. 
    • Had a cursed necromancer's dagger, but it was stolen by a thief at the Inn at Five Points.
  • Steve James, Wizard, played by Will
    • Earth native who left home, joined the French Foreign Legion, fell into the DCC Planet, and became a great wizard.
    • Father of Steve James II (evil Cult Wizard, RIP) and grandfather of Steve James III (lost teen who wanted to discover his family, RIP)
    • Specializes in all-fish magic (Ichthyomancer).
  • Tonya, Warrior, played by Robert
    • Badass figure skater from Earth. 
    • Wields a big-ass sword, and not afraid to cut you with it. 
  • Lars, Dwarf, played by Rob
    • Human from Earth who was transformed into a Dwarf after traveling to the DCC Planet.
    • Seeks entrance into the CCPR (Card Carrying Punk Rockers) but needs to complete three acts of legendary vandalism.
    • Wielder of the Demon's Claw, an enchanted scimitar from Fu-Lamia. 
  • Bueno, Cleric, played by Evie
    • Gender-shifting villager from Reed who was a simple hireling trying to save some of their friends from the Crimson Flame before gaining Clerical powers. 
    • Twisted worshipper of the froglike Bobugbubulz.
    • Extremely chaotic.

Character Crematorium 
  • None this game!

What's Next?

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