Saturday, January 12, 2019

Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Thirteen

Under a Weirdling Sun

Peril on the Purple Planet is an epic DCCRPG box set devised by +Harley Stroh. The adventure is a hex crawl, so player characters get to explore a completely open and lush world. Characters must discover artifacts, make alliances, battle terrifying worms, and sustain the deadly sun's rays if they are to ever make their way back home.

Care to hear about this week's banishment? Read on!

Previous Tales of the Banished

The Banished

  • Marc
    • Floyd Pink, Warrior
    • Andy
      • Ssof Rehtaf, Cleric
      • Craig
        • Watson, Wizard
      • Jonata
        • Screaming Otto, Warrior
      • Alex
        • Nicodemus, Thief 

      Banished to the Purple Planet - Thirteen

      Day 45 

      • Battle with the Great Worm Mother!
      • Nicodemus and Otto go into melee while Floyd Pink fires off his silver ray rifle, causing some serious initial damage. 
      • Watson spends a greenstone and spellburns for an epic casting of Magic Missile, summoning all the eagles. 10 bursts of eagles go on the attack, pulling apart segments of the Great Worm Mother. 
      • Ssof Rehtaf goes into melee as well with a greenstone shard imbued magic skull mace. 
      • Screaming Otto and 26 Kith caught in a roll. Dead...
      • The Kith horde continues to attack, even against impossible odds.c
      • Watson calls upon more eagles appear, turning themselves into more lawn darts, striking the Great Mother with great pain. 
      • Ssof attempts to paralyze the Great Orm Mother... and succeeds! An amazing prayer to Aristemis summons all the deities might, causing the Orm to fall into slumber. 
      • The party beats against the side of the creature causing little damage, while investigating the greenstone attached to the beast's head. 
      • Watson levitates up to the stone and attempts to cut it away. He removes it partly, but also takes magic damage from the stone. 
      • After Watson hacks the stone away, Ssof takes it upon himself to pound the gem hole with his skull hammer. He pounds so hard, that he kills the Great Orm Mother. 
      • Proud of their achievements, the party starts carving into the Great Orm Mother, unleashing 11 Death Orms on the party. 
      • Nicodemus runs as fast as he can, screaming like a little girl. The rest of the party follows as Floyd sounds the retreat. 74 more Kith die. 
      • Floyd's Lieutenant Bakkrrang is told to take the remaining Kith back to the Castellum 
      • The party takes the Skiff back to the Ziggurat to return home. 
      Day 46

      • The party returns to the Ziggurat to return home. 
      • Floyd flips off the Purple Planet while Nicodemus moons the wastes. With that, the party returns to the Great City. 


      • While Nicodemus makes up crap, the rest of the party tells their tale of the Purple Planet. 
      • Offer of letting the PC's travel off on their own, or possibly go into the heavens with the power of his Greenstone shards. 
      • Pods are brought out for the PC's so that they can travel into the heavens. 
      • Party is loaded into the pods and prepared to travel into the stars

      Party Updates
      • A Kith is added as Jonata's next character
      • Cedric added to the party as a Sentinel 
      • Next adventure: "Finding the Pods" on the GSS Razoul


      "Pardon me while I whip this out!" - Nicodemus pulls out the Rod of Chains.

      "Love you!" - Nicodemus to Screaming Otto, as the Warrior dies. 

      "It's OUR warband, jackasses!" - Floyd Pink to the retreating party members. 

      "We're just that good!" - Watson shows the Greenstone to the God Emperor Razoul. 

      "Pretty much all of that was made up." - Floyd Pink comments on Nicodemus' tale. 

      In Memoriam 

      • Screaming Otto, crushed by the Great Orm Mother


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