Sunday, June 24, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 1

First I talked about the thing, now I have to do the thing!

Okay, so here's my first finished miniature for my 30 Day 30 Miniatures challenge.

Last year for Judge Evie's birthday I purchased her a complete set of bunny rabbit minis from Dark Sword Miniatures. This one is the Rabbit Dual Wield Ranger, or as Evie calls it: the Link Bunny! 

I'm really happy with how the cape turned out.

Not one to sit there and work on a single miniature, I got a lot of work done on a bunch of other figures. Base coated four minis from the Reaper Bones III Graveyard Expansion, and did some work on a few of the Mouselings and an Elf Wizard. Almost done with the wereshark that I've got as well, so that may be tomorrow's offering. We shall see.

You're turn! Show me what you got!

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