Saturday, June 30, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 7

Got up early this morning like I always do, but instead of blowing my morning on YouTube and CNN, I decided to get back to painting!

I have a lot of miniatures in process now, but there's another that has eluded me for years: this Mordheim Possessed. Back when I played a lot of Mordheim I called this guy "Mr. Flapjack" for some reason. He's big. He's got tentacles. He's got some 'tude. 

But he never looked decent.

So last year I started from scratch and stripped him of his old crappy paint. I was kinda going for a "Blanka from Street Fighter II" look, but aqua blue for when he shows up in either Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago. 

I'm pleased with how he turned out!

Still rockin' away at the #30Days30Miniatures challenge, and tomorrow's a big night as I'm hosting a mini painting "knitting circle" on G+ Hangouts. If you want to come chat with us, let me know!

Keep on paintin'!

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