Monday, June 25, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 2

On Day 2 of my #30Days30Miniatures challenge, I gained a partner:


Cooper (Kid 3) was interested in doing some painting, and my wife wanted to know if I had any loose miniatures lying around that he could try. Turns out that I have a pile of homeless HeroQuest minis that I've used over the years for various RPG's. So I took them to our balcony, tossed them on a moving box, and gave them a quick priming. 

So far he's just base coated a Chaos Warrior (black) and a Skeleton (white), but the whole process kept him occupied for the better part of an hour. 

I can't wait to watch his reaction tomorrow when he dry brushes the chrome onto the knight! 

For my contribution I completed a Reaper Mouseling Thief (pewter) that I picked up late last year from Phantom of the Attic in Pittsburgh. 

Here's a shot from the back.

Here's the progress so far on what I worked on tonight. A lot of base coating, including second layers on some ghosts, the tombstone golem, and some weird bat thing. Those are all Reaper. Got a bunny and a mouseling started, and still working on a WizKids Elf Wizard. I'm really not happy with the quality on that one. Also got a Mordheim Possessed that I'm working on.

Chances are that my Reaper Wereshark will be finished next. He was going to be done tonight, and I think the painting is done, but I kinda want to add some shells or sand or something to his base so that I can use him in the Ghost Archipelago.

So Day 2... what've you painted today? 

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