Thursday, June 28, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 5


I didn't plan on Day 5 of #30Days30Miniatures to be such a big night for painting, but I got a lot of work done this evening. 

First off, I got a pair of Reaper Bones Grave Wraiths finished. I kept these two pretty simple really. Just a few layers of blue-gray, blue, and light blue to give them both this weird, eerie feel. I was tempted to try and pick out the detail of the one Wraith's scythe, but decided to leave the entire thing with the same color scheme.

Lazy? Maybe!

Then I got to work on a bunch of my other miniatures. I had poured out a lot of ice blue paint, so I kept with that theme, and then did a bunch of the weapons and skin tone on some of my old Mordheim minis, an old D&D Gnome Illusionist, and a Wizkids Human Wizard.

So here's where we stand right now just 1/6th of the way into the challenge:

Here's my pile of stuff that hasn't been prepped yet. I'm not priming my Reaper Bones, but I'm washing them before I paint.

Here's all my figures that are ready to receive a layer of paint. They're either primed or they are washed Bones.

Here's my basic works in progress. Most of them are a good ways off of completion, but I've applied at least one coat of paint, sometimes two or three.

Here are my two minis that are now close to completion. Actually, once the base is done on my old D&D Gnome, it'll be ready to go. That's tomorrow. I've got to record Glowburn tomorrow evening, so best that I keep things quick and easy.

Finally, here are all the completed miniatures that I've done so far in this challenge.

Let's see your completed figures!

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