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Numenera: Disenchanted Tales - Session 5

Numenera: Disenchanted Tales - Session 5

A Winter-Pelted Margr Named "Jeff"

Elsa, a Graceful Nano who Wears a Sheen of Ice
Anna, a Swift Jack who Entertains
Merida, a Rugged Glaive who Carries a Quiver


A billion years beyond “once upon a time” a skate-skiff captain darted across a frozen salt lake towards a perilous island so that three princesses of Nihliesh could save their dear cryo-mutant friend.  Elsa, Anna, and Merida had gained the trust, and therefore the assistance, of Captain Remy by freeing his little lakeside village of Squibbon from the clutches of the evil Skinner just a day before.  The princesses had left the whimsical and gravity defying nano named Poppins behind to help guide the village to a new and bright future, and continued on their quest to save Olaf!  At the center of the westernmost salt lake there was the Island of the Lost Module, a mysterious home to many winter-pelted margrs, and the supposed resting place of a twisted artificial intelligence known as CREW L.A. D-VII.  Once Remy found the island, he circled it to give the princesses an idea of it's general layout.  The island appeared to have two lobes connected by a narrow isthmus.  The eastern lobe had a village of huts and tents atop a slight hill, while the western lobe had a towering hill and a great temple at it's summit.  

Merida commanded Remy to land the vessel on the edge of the eastern section of the island, and all three princesses disembarked from the craft.  The rugged glaive led the team to the base of a cliff, and deftly climbed to the top where she saw a whole village of the winter-pelted margr moving about.  Quickly she hid behind a rocky outcropping and then dropped a rope so that the other two teammates could climb up.  Elsa went next, but she was rather clumsy at the top of the rope, and so two of the margr guards saw her and started charging her way.  Merida would've had a clean shot on both of them, but she didn't want to kill anyone unnecessarily, and rumor had it that the margr were under the influence of CREW L.A. D-VII, and maybe if she freed them of their oppressor they would be useful in the future.  So when Anna, who was having a little difficulty climbing at first, made her way to the top of the rope Merida used a face changing cypher on her so that she'd appear like a winter-pelted margr herself!  As the two creatures came into range, Anna moved forward calling out to them to back off, and that she'd take care of the trespasser herself.  She sounded pretty convincing, and amazingly, the two guards wished her well and went back to work.  

Deciding to bypass the village entirely, the three princesses went back down the rope and moved towards the western lobe of the island.  Up a carefully tended, and well worn path they moved towards the large temple that awaited them at the top of the hill.  Once they reached the structure, which was looking more and more like a section of a once-great craft that could've roamed the skies, they realized that the door at the "front" of the structure was quite hard, and did not have a handle.  Well this was no problem for Merida, and her unique skills of bashing.  The fiery-maned glaive pulled out a vicious looking spiked mace and with a single blow shattered the door like it was glass.  It was then that the trio could hear a soft, tearful, and familiar voice crying out from the inside.  It was Olaf the cryo-mutant… begging for "something" to leave him be, and for "someone" to save him.  With grim determination, the three princesses looked at each other and marched quickly into CREW L.A. D-VII's chamber… 


"In my opinion, they do not look good together." - Elsa commenting on the rumor that Captain Remy and the nano Poppins were bound for courtship.

"Crossbows are not supposed to be pretty… they're supposed to be deadly and gross!" - Evie (playing Anna) didn't want Carrie (playing Elsa) to decorate her newly repaired crossbow with glitter. 

"I don't think it's a village, I think it's 'ye olde puppy mill'!" - Mommy's (playing Merida) first thought when she saw the compound that rested on CREW L.A. D-VII's island.  

"They think I'm one of them, and that my name is 'Jeff!'" - Evie was pretty sure that the winter-pelted margr's would recognize their good friend "Jeff" when she used the face changing cypher.  

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