Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Numenera: Disenchanted Tales - Session 10

Numenera: Disenchanted Tales - Session 10

Das Boot

Elsa, a Graceful Nano who Wears a Sheen of Ice
Anna, a Swift Jack who Entertains
Merida, a Rugged Glaive who Carries a Quiver


A billion years beyond "once upon a time" our intrepid royal trio was assisting the impulsive Commodore Jek Sperro in navigating the White Onyx along the coastline of the Steadfast towards the Sea Kingdom of Ghan and the City of Bridges.  It was there that the Commodore hoped to link up with a navigator friend of his so that he could chart a course to meet with the Oracle Jruve.  The princesses all agreed that this was a bit out of there way, as they were traveling 1,200 miles north to Ghan just to find a map to help them uncover a hidden location off the western coast of Ancuan, but they really didn't have anything better to do (other than bicker with each other), so they were along for the ride.  But as the numenera-enhanced submergine neared the City of Bridges, the Commodore became exceptionally rattled.  Using a special "scope", he was able to see well ahead, and feared that something, or someone, dangerously familiar was out there waiting for him.  Engaging her eagle eye cypher, Merida pushed the commodore aside and took a look for herself.  Sure enough there was a long and thin craft with a metallic bottom hovering along the waves several hundred yards away.  The commodore exclaimed that it was his mortal enemy, the dangerous Captain Rook, piloting his deadly craft, a weapon laden vessel named "The Hook".   The crew of the White Onyx had a choice: try to slip past Captain Rook's craft beneath the waves, hoping that Mrs. Smee, Rook's second in command, wouldn't be able to detect them, or use their own weapon system, a sonic ray emitter, to disable the Hook. 

The Three Princesses of Nihliesh never run away from a fight… or at least they almost never run away from a fight.  But it had been such a long trip, and really they didn't want to cause any trouble this close to shore, so maybe this one time they could keep the violence to a minimum and just slip away quietly… you know the drill.  Elsa crawled into the engineering section of the submergine and started tinkering with the systems so that the life support modules would continue to function while the rest of the craft's drive system became completely silent.  The commodore extended the long synth oars that functioned underwater and both Merida and Anna began to row, row, row the sub all the way to the City of Bridges.  

Fearing further reprisals from either Captain Rook, or someone else who was looking for the Commodore, the party decided to leave the vessel at the bottom of the sea floor and just swim up to the surface.  Merida had been especially skilled in treading water, so she aided each princess back to the surface and the whole group snuck into town unnoticed.  It was around this time that the princesses were starting to get a little concerned about their association with the commodore.  For a man who said that he was far less at risk in the Sea Kingdom of Ghan than he was in Ancuan, he certainly had a lot of enemies.  No matter, the party still followed the seafarer's directions.  Sperro told the three princesses that his navigator would most likely be found in Nemo's Bar and Pub, located deep within the criss-crossing piers and metallic structures that jutted out of the waves below the city.  He didn't remember where this place was located though, so the party figured they'd have to spend much of the day finding Nemo's.  

It was in one of the busy intersections when a young street rat bumped straight into Elsa.  Glancing down at the little lad Elsa felt the kid make contact and then start to dart off.  Not wanting to waste time doing an inventory the graceful nano assumed something important was taken and started to chase the thief!  Merida and Anna quickly followed suit, and soon all three princesses had broken away from the commodore.  As fast as Elsa could run, both Merida and Anna quickly overtook their companion, their more athletic frames carrying them quickly through the crowds.  But the boy was small and hard to see, so eventually they realized they were losing sight.  Thinking quickly Merida and Anna stopped at a merchant's cart where a large aneen was tied up.  Using her sweetest and most pleasant voice Anna asked the merchant politely to borrow the aneen, to which he quickly agreed.  Merida mounted the large beast while Anna scooped up Elsa and helped her on board.  Now with the long powerful legs of the aneen, and a much view of the street rat, the princesses were gaining significant ground.  

At the end of a short pier the trio cornered the street urchin.  Slowly he turned to face the characters, and grinned very darkly.  He cast an eye at Elsa and pulled out a small metal needle with blood on it.  Elsa reached down and realized that she had been scraped by this device.  The boy put the needle to his lips and slowly started to transform… into Elsa!  The thief had not taken any items from Elsa, but had instead stolen her powers over ice.  Anna's answer to this problem was pretty typical… the entertaining jack fired off a crossbow bolt at the Elsa-Clone.  The Elsa-Clone's powers over ice came on quick though, and she was able to fire off a cold onslaught of her own at her virtual twin, which real-Elsa was able to dodge.  No longer carrying a great sword, as it was left at the bottom of the sea, Merida pulled her bow and rained down arrows while Elsa drew her rapier and began swashbuckling with her mirrored form.  It would be another bolt from Anna, however, that would staple the Elsa-Clone to the ground.  Begging for it's life, the creature promised to give Elsa her powers back in return for some healing.  Anna demanded that the entity leave the City of Bridges forever, and it agreed.  Elsa regained her sheen of ice, and the three returned to the Commodore.  


"He sounds 1/2 british and 1/2… well… I have no idea." - Carrie didn't like her father's Jack Sparrow accent.

"He sounds like Mickey Blue Eyes."  - Mommy didn't like her husband's Jack Sparrow accent.

"You've got 'it' cornered." - The GM exclaimed to the party when they finally chased down the street urchin.
"IT!?!?" - Carrie picked up on the GM's careful wording.