Saturday, April 2, 2016

Metal Myk Meets the CypherCaster

I went and wrote something...

... yeah, yeah, I write things all the time, but usually its more of a "blog'ish" nature.  But this time I've gone all professional!  

Last year I came up with a list of "life goals" that I'd like to achieve at some point.  Call it a bucket list, or a pre-midlife crisis, your call.  One of these goals was to write and publish a role-playing game adventure somewhere, either on my own or in a publication somewhere.  

Looks like I get to scratch that off my list!  

Some of you may remember that I posted an adventure outline called Metal Myk's Mercs back in January.  I called it an "outline" because it wasn't a fully fleshed out adventure.  Actually, I didn't think it was possible for me to write something that someone else could run in one of their games.  Most of the time, when I write an adventure it's just a simple outline that I follow, and I literally fill in all of the white space around the printed page with notes that I think up on the fly.  But a few folks out there, notably the incredibly persuasive +David Wilson Brown, pushed me towards the idea of taking one of those outlines and turning it into something more.  

When the CypherCast Network was on the hunt for content in March's CypherCaster issue, I knew that I had to finally step up to the plate!  

So I tethered myself to my iMac for an entire afternoon, and started adding content to Metal Myk.  Since the adventure was initially inspired by a Channing Tatum sketch on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, everyone in my house took turns yelling "boo yaaaaaaah" at me while I wrote.

To help stir the creative juices, I had access to an incredible map by +Miska Fredman that got tossed into the adventure!  

(PS:  If you don't know Miska, go check out his Patreon page RIGHT NOW and get on board!  He also provided the map for my Gods of the Fall Actual Play!)

By the end of the day the adventure was completed, and Metal Myk's Mercs was much more than an outline... it was four-thousand words of Instant Adventure Formatted craziness.  

I'm so proud that Metal Myk found his home in the CypherCaster Magazine, but don't worry... there's more than just one of my adventures in this month's incredible issue... 

CypherCaster Magazine, Issue #5

There's a heck of a lot of epic Cypher-swag in this month's CypherCaster Magazine!  

  • A MCG Product Preview
  • An interview with +Bruce R Cordell+Shanna Germain, and +Dennis Detwiller about the Worlds of the Cypher System.
  • A comprehensive list of 3rd party content
  • "Putting Cypher Limits into Context" by +Marc Plourde 
  • "Metal Myk's Mercs" by... well... you know who.
  • "Kiss of Death," an Instant Adventure by +John Marvin (king of the electric eels!)
  • "Across the Seas of Zuomeng," a new recursion by +Rustin Coones and +Scott Robinson 
  • MCG Fan Relations News and Events and so much awesome!

So make sure you go check out the CypherCaster this month, and let us know your thoughts!  We'd love to see reviews on DriveThruRPG and hear feedback!

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