Monday, May 15, 2017

Leviathan Academy - Course Selection

Go Astro-Gators!

Looking to broaden your horizons?  Interested in pursuing strong academics amidst beautiful vistas?  Excited to study advanced and challenging subjects such as Neural Architecture & Design, Interspecies Poetry, and Zero-G Dance Theory?  Perhaps Leviathan Academy is right for you!  

Leviathan Academy is a JumpCorp sponsored community college located in the uncultural district of downtown Ralston.  Graduates of our prestigious university are guaranteed great paying opportunities* after leaving Leviathan Academy.  Ask any alumni and they'll tell you that their time spent at Leviathan Academy took them right to the perilous edge of excitement!  

So what are you waiting for?  Download the application, send in your genetic material, and plan for an academic adventure like none other... at Leviathan Academy!

*Post-graduate employment guarantee limited to JumpCorp opportunities.  

*     *     *

I've been talking and writing about this mash up for well over a year now.  You take Savage Worlds East Texas University and you transport it across the galaxy into The Last Parsec.  Reskin some of the paranormal to be more like super-science (a la Doctor Who), and toss in a bunch of laceraun (dinosaur) action, and you get Leviathan Academy.  

In my mind this should play out as Firefly meets Community meets Jurassic Park.  

I'm a fairly lazy GM, so I'm not here to show off a bunch of conversions, or additional setting rules.  After setting up a one-shot that I'll be running in a few weeks, I took a look through all of my ETU and TLP stuff and realized that, just like pretty much all Savage Worlds mashups, this would be really easy to do on the fly.  All you need to do is add some species options for starting player characters, and reskin the extra-curricular activities.  

But we need to do something about those majors... 

Rather than taking on this work myself, I turned to the Official Savage Worlds Facebook Group and asked for suggestions so that we could create a list of Majors for Leviathan University.  Those cooked up by the wonderful members of that group got extra credit!

Leviathan Academy Majors*

*Approved for JumpCorp's Employment Guarantee Policy

  • Alien Influence on Current Writing (Brandon Lee)
  • Ancient Xenopology
  • Applied Ethics (William Huet)
  • Applied Nanotechnology (Steven Vande Vyvere)
  • Astrosports Medicine
  • Business
    • Megacorporate Accounting
    • Megacorporate Administration
    • Megacorporate Economics
  • Colonial Architecture
  • Colonial Home Economics (John Pyrich)
  • Computer Science
    • AR (Augmented Reality)
    • Neutral Architecture and Design (Mike Walser)
    • Positron Matrix Architecture (Steven Vande Vyvere)
    • VR (Virtual Reality)
  • Deep Space Psychology (Brandon Lee)
  • Galactic History (Mike Szczepaniak)
  • Engineering
    • Cryogenics
    • Cybernetics (William Huet)
    • Genetic (William Huet)
    • Exo-planetary (William Huet)
    • FTL
    • Advanced Robotics (William Huet)
    • Synthetic Organisms (John Pyrich)
  • Human/Xeno Resources (John Pyrich)
  • Humanism (William Huet)
  • Interstellar HVAC
  • Interspecies Art Theory
  • Interspecies Poetry (Preston DuBuse)
  • Interspecies Relations (Steven Vande Vyvere)
  • JumpCorp Studies
  • Offworld Agriculture 
  • Physics
    • Applied Wormhole (Mike Szczepaniak)
    • Quantum Mechanics (Brandon Lee)
  • Planetary Exploration (William Huet)
  • Pre-Law
    • Cultural Comparisons in Criminal Justice (William Huet)
    • Megacorporate Law (David Howard)
    • Intergalactic Law & Litigation (William Huet)
  • Pre-Med
    • Inorganic Biology (Jon Fermin)
    • Xenomedicine (Roger Gray)
  • Quantum Decorating (Mike Walser)
  • Stellar Cartography (Jim Snider)
  • Synthetic Organism Sociology 
  • Terramorphic Ecology (Mike Szczepaniak)
  • Terraforming (William Huet)
  • Transhuman Philosophy (Mike Szczepaniak)
  • Xenoarchaeology (Brandon Lee)
  • Xenomorphic Biology (Martin Tucker)
  • Xenotheology
  • Xeno Linguistics
  • Zero-G Culinary Arts
  • Zero-G Dance Theory (Roger Gray)

Wait, not enough?  What am I missing?  If you can think up more, send them my way and I'll be sure to add them to my list.

Go Astro-Gators!  

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