Saturday, January 20, 2018

Family Game Knights - The Emerald Enchanter, Pt 4

Exploring the Chained Coffin

Welcome to Family Game Knights, our regular tour through of the Shudder Mountains and  The Chained Coffin box set.  

For those uninitiated with the Chained Coffin, creative lead +Michael Curtis and the rest of the Goodman Games crew have created a wonderful and vibrant fantasy campaign setting based on Appalachian myth and legend.  During this journey, we'll be dipping into all of the adventures written specifically for the Shudder Mountains, as well as tossing in a few other favorites as well, thus turning this into a fantastic, ongoing campaign!  Special thanks to the DCCRPG G+ community for so many wonderful adventure suggestions.  

Here are our previously yarns:

Also to note:  I'm working on a Shudder Mountain soundtrack through a YouTube playlist.  Any suggestions?  Here's where we're at so far. 

The Adventuring Party

  • Jen
    • Wize Wizard McBride - Cleric
  • Evie
    • Jefffff - Warrior (she plans to add another "f" after each gained level)
  • Carrie
    • P. Specs - Thief
  • Jeremy
    • Sir Huey, Keeper of the Sacred Door - Warrior
  • Ella
    • Quinn & Kippy - Wizard & Squirrel Familiar
  • Andy
    • Walden - Thief
  • Frank
    • Zzizzle Fenderbender - Dwarf

Rugo USA QQ96, by Cooper Walls

The Emerald Enchanter, Pt 4

Look, I'm not gonna sugar coat tonight's game...

... it was a bit anti-climactic. 

After three previous sessions within The Emerald Enchanter's crazy lair, including a pair of trips back to town to restock and heal up, the party wrapped up the adventure by accepting a payoff to leave. That was it. No big boss battle. No pile of loot. No epic trip back to town, with a bunch of captives in tow. 

Nope, none of that. 

I guess the village of Ugly Bottom will continue to suffer under the ever-vengeful eye of the Emerald Enchanter.

Here are some of the details:

  • The party did a bit more talking with dead things. Quinn used her Speak with Dead spell to converse with Gobur the skull, hoping to glean a bit more useful info about the Emerald Enchanter's Lair. She didn't gain much, only that the group's trip would take them past a prison holding area, and through a trapped room.
  • The prisoner holding area included seven starving humans, a pair of cats that could shoot laser beams from their heads (totally in the adventure, I didn't make that up!), a boring snake, and an alien blob that only spoke in "wub" and "wub-wub's."
  • Let it be known that the alien was henceforth known as "Wub Wub."
  • The human prisoners were of little help, and the laser cat almost killed the Wize Wizard McBride, so the team turned their attention to Wub Wub. Through a series of "yes or no" questions (in which Wub Wub would answer Wub Wub for yes and Wub for no), the party was able to learn a bit more about the dungeons that lay ahead. Specifically of the dangers found in each room.
  • A nearby trap room with a drop floor opening into acid (inspired by Grimtooth) really jacked with the party. On the other side of the short hallway consisting of this door was the chamber with a giant heat ray shooting skull. 
  • It was around this time that Cooper (my 7 year old son) expected his monster/NPC to join the fray: Rugo USA QQ96. With skulls for fingers, and chainsaws around his waist, Rugo was a force to be reckoned with. But by a few lucky rolls, Walden was able to befriend the alien, who in turn attacked the skull, destroying it with his chainsaws. 
  • The party followed a secret passage behind the giant skull to a room full of hands. Just a lot of hands, all being way too handsy. The hands had to be dealt with, and by combat, so that happened.
  • At this point the Emerald Enchanter started to converse with the party. He was able to pay off the party pretty cheaply. He offered Wub Wub and a small gemstone that would help the user learn how to build spaceships better. I thought the offer sounded crazy, but the party bought it. Wild

And THAT is how we finished The Emerald Enchanter! I'm sure your trip was different.

Campaign Crematorium

  • None this game... boo!

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