Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday Night Hero Quest

It was one of those adventures where I knew within three minutes that everything was going to end badly.

Super excited about the current Dwarven Forge Kickstarter, I wanted to do a little miniatures gaming with the wife and kiddos. We weren't ready for Frostgrave, and I'm the only one in the house who knows Mordheim, so we opted for the ultimate family-friendly dungeon hack. 

Hero Quest!

It's been at least five years since we've played this game, mostly because I sold my last copy, only to regret if a few years later. So earlier this past spring I had to go on Ebay and reacquire the game from my childhood. 

Unfortunately Hero Quest has a bit of a learning curve.

You know what? for an introductory adventure, The Trial always used to kick our butts as kids. That last room with the Chaos Warrior and Gargoyle, along with a pair of Orcs, is a nightmare! But if I had to learn Hero Quest with this adventure, so would the rest of my family. 

Cooper had first pick of characters and went with the Barbarian. Carrie then grabbed the Wizard, and Evie took the Elf. Mom (Jen) was left with the Dwarf. She wasn't pleased. 

Things started off easily for our band of adventurers. A lone room with a single closed doorway. 

Here's where we learned that things were going to go poorly. Cooper's Barbarian opened the door to the first room, saw a pair of Orcs, and kept on walking...

... and walking...

... and walking... 

... until he found himself trapped in a room with a pair of Chaos Warriors. This didn't go well for our Barbarian friend.

So the Barbarian died, and the team polished off the Chaos Warriors. Actually, the Wizard polished them off with a little help from her Dwarf friend. Unfortunately it cost Carrie all of her offensive spells. They kept moving forward. 

Then they split up and started opening up the doors.


The Dwarf headed east, while the Elf and Wizard went west. The Dwarf hit the jackpot, opening the door to the Gargoyle and pals. The Elf and Wizard just found more Goblins and Orcs.

Take a look at this conga line of death. After opening the door, Jen's Dwarf started running away, only to be pursued by EVERYTHING from the central room.

Here's a great shot of Carrie's Wizard opening up more doors.


Evie's Elf ran back to help the Dwarf after slaying a pair of Goblins, only to be beset upon by the Gargoyle an Chaos Warrior. Then the Wizard got flanked in a hallway! 

A Dwarf with 2 Attack Dice doesn't stand a chance against a Gargoyle with 5 Defend dice. But still, Jen's Dwarf managed to cause 2 hits on the creature before falling!

Evie's Elf was killed by the Chaos Warrior. RIP, dude!

The game was not completely lost, however! Using one of his few remaining spells, Carrie's Wizard passed through stone and made his way back to the stairwell. At least he would live on to share the tale of his team. 

I'd say they were so close... but they weren't.

Fun game. Fun evening.

Any of you still playing Hero Quest? Thinking of taking it to Gary Con this year. 

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