Thursday, August 2, 2018

Gen Con - Wednesday

"The things we do to get to Gen Con." - Jennifer Walls

Happy Thursday from the passenger seat of our family's Kia Sedona! It's 1:41 am as I write a post intended to be all about our Wednesday of Gen Con. Well, as you can see, we ain't there yet. While we typically arrive in Indianapolis on the Tuesday of what I like to call "Geek Holy Week", my last meet at work in downtown Philadelphia didn't wrap until 3:30pm Wednesday. 

From there, I had to make the hour long crawl home, where I found Jen still packing the car. It didn't take long for us to actually get on the road, but it was certainly later than I would've liked (around 6:15pm). There was a short period of time when I thought that perhaps Thor was pissed at us. As you can see from this blog's cover post, we ran into a bit of weather just west of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Those skies did look mighty ominous for a few minutes. But we made it!

We grabbed Carrie and Evie in Pittsburgh at 10:30 (they were staying with their grandmother) and continued on... ever forward.

So here we are: in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Carrie, Evie, and Cooper have all crashed in the back of the van. I'm on the verge of crashing so Jen thought I should write something. Jen seems to be okay at the wheel. She had three hours more sleep than I did, so I expect her to hold up this end of the trip.

We plan on spending the evening in Springfield tonight (or should I say this morning), waking up bright and early (after just 4 hours sleep) and ready for a long day of off the books events.

See you soon!


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