Saturday, May 24, 2014

#GetOutAndGame - 9th World Picnic in White Oak Park!

Our First Adventure

There is no way we could have had a better day than today!  Temperatures were in the upper 60's and it was sunny with just a few clouds in the sky.  Carrie and I woke up as excited as if it were Christmas morning.  Last night was our Norwin Game Knights event, and all we could talk about after spending three solid hours gaming was how we had an incredible morning and afternoon planned at White Oak Park.  We packed my Fusion and headed off for our first biking/picnic/gaming combo trip.  It was time to #GetOutAndGame!

Our plan was to get to the park at 9:30am and then start riding.  Carrie and I were set up with our bikes, and we were joined by my good friend from grad school Melinda and her son Dante.  Both Mel and Dante are regulars in my weekly Savage Worlds game, but had only dabbled in Numenera. Not wanting to leave her small pup home, Melinda brought a basket for "Archer", her Ratlike Chiweenie who is Carried in a Quiver.  After an hour riding we found a great pavilion and set up shop.  Our friend Andy arrived not long after I finished explaining the Cypher System rules to Mel and Dante.  

It was time to play!

Our Adventure: Numenera - Seedship

Our Characters
  • Vectoria, a Vengeful Glaive who Bears a Halo of Fire, played by Carrie W.
  • Rygax, a Mlox Jack who Separates Mind from Body, played by Andy L.
  • Domina, a Charming Nano who Commands Mental Powers, played by Melinda R.
  • Deathstroke, a Weird Jack who Murders, played by Dante R.

It started out simply enough.  Vectoria, Rygax, Domina, and Deathstroke were a troupe of roving Numenera hunters exploring the strange domains of the Beyond.  En route to Nebalich they encountered the small town of Druissi, a tiny burg built atop an ancient structure which provided heat and warmth to the town through the ground below.  While stopping to make some minor purchases of provisions, the townsfolk came to the party and begged them to help with a serious problem affecting the town.  The giant structure beneath Druissi has been disturbed by a recent earthquake, and the pleasant and reliable heat that used to seep up through the ground and comfort the medieval town became erratic and extreme.  Some days the temperature would be unbearable, and large rifts and fissures began to appear in the structure.  One gap was large enough for humans to explore, and the wife of Mayor Geirn, having some skill with numenera and ancient devices, tried to enter the structure but had now been missing for several days.  There were others that were missing, but the townsfolk believed that the party looked skilled enough to handle any threats that lie beneath Druissi.  The task was simple enough:  enter the structure, search for the mayor's wife, and find a way to regulate whatever ancient devices that were causing the recent flux.  

After collecting the gear and weapons from their aneen the party gathered in front of the largest fissure in the structure.  The metal and synth exterior had a single gap almost large enough for a well equipped adventure to squeeze through.  Rygax, a rather cautious mlox, projected his sight into the ancient construct revealing that the passage within was relatively safe, and so Vectoria the glaive pushed into the hall ahead.  The rest of the party followed, resisting the urge to hold their nose at the smell of rot and decaying plant life.  There was a larger opening about sixty feet within the structure, and the party carefully moved down the hall.  It appeared that the hall was listing at about twenty degrees and the floor was rubbery and nearly flesh like, while having small glowing lights embedded within.  

The hall opened into a large mezzanine with a criss-crossed grating covering a large, one-hundred foot long entrance into the twilight of a subterranean jungle.  With no entrance in sight, Rygax scouted the area until he found a weird gelatinous panel on the floor.  Using a knife as a probe he approached the panel, but when the flesh of his hand broke the vertical plane of the "jelly" the grating retracted allowing the party complete access to the jungle.  Vectoria grabbed her rope and tied off to part of the grating that was still exposed.  Throwing caution to the wind, the glaive scrambled down the twenty-foot ledge to the dirty ground below.  Before Vectoria could react, she was quickly beset upon by a quartet of steel spiders, each seemingly interested in the glaive's flesh!  

Describing the Steel Spider attack on Carrie's character

The rest of the party prepared for action as soon as they saw the silvery arachnids.  The metal threads that the spiders spun from their abdomen was unbelievably sharp, and as the startled Vectoria stumbled backwards the monofilaments cut through her armor digging into flesh.  Deathstroke the assassin wasn't about to let his fellow numenera hunter fall to these disgusting creatures.  Grabbing his claw-like yulk the weird jack jumped off the ledge and swung at one of the beasts.  Although he hit, and hit hard, the armor of the spiders was most certainly the toughest this party had ever encountered.  Rygax chose to stand on the mezzanine and fire at the steel spiders with arrows from his trusty bow.  Domina was of a like mind, and after using a cypher that increased the density of her darts, she used her dart-thrower to pelt the spiders with pointy shards of pain.  Despite the assistance from her party, Vectoria continued to have trouble with the steel spiders as they surrounded her.  Two of the creatures worked in tandem to pull the glaive into a cocoon of sharp metal razor-wire, forcing Deathstroke to work even harder to get to his friend.  Rygax would end up using a deadly force emitter on one of the creatures, which was quite effective.  As the last of the spiders were being finished off Deathstroke landed what he thought was a devastating blow to a creature, only to realize that he had punctured the monofilament sac on the arachnid, which exploded in his face causing incredible pain and many small lacerations.  

Once the spider threat was neutralized the party moved deeper into the jungle.  There was light coming from above, from small fissures in the ceiling of the structure and tiny glowing insects that flew around.  Upon investigating the insects were nearly robotic in design, and could easily pass for either biological or mechanical entities.  On the opposite side of the structure the party came upon a large pool of water.  Using the weird sensing wires that covered Deathstroke's face (they appeared as dreadlocks of synth that formed a long mane and full beard), the jack believed an important artifact lay beneath the waters to the left while to the right there were voices calling out in pain and agony from the tiny lake.  One of the voices was calling out for "Geirn."  Using his far-sight ability, Rygax saw that there was a small clear disk in the water about forty feet to the left, and so he jumped right into the water, not caring that as soon as he entered the pool the voices stopped.  He made it to the disk easily, and pulling it from floor of the pond he turned to the rest of the party quite excited, only to find himself facing a gargantuan mesomeme!  

The enormous crustacean, adorned in the talking heads of it's former prey, immediately unleashed it's claws on Rygax.  The mlox was grappled, and had to change phase with a cypher to escape and swim away from the mesomeme.  Deathstroke swam out to help his fellow jack, and even managed to scrape the mesomeme with his yulk several times but the armor of the monster was nearly impenetrable.  The claws of the creature found the weird jack as its next source of prey, but luckily a well thrown choking gas bomb from Vectoria caused such great pain to the mesomeme that Deathstroke was able to get away. Injured but still a serious threat, the mesomeme turned to the rest of the party, especially Vectoria who had just turned on her shroud of flames, which burned the crab-like beast when it tried to grab her.  Both Domina and Deathstroke decided to use a pair of powerful cyphers to finish off the mesomeme.  Domina's idea was slow acting, but interesting, as she used a cypher to start growing a tree near the pool to ten times it's size.  The plan was that the roots of the tree would penetrate the stone encased pool, draining the water and possibly causing injury or death.  Deathstroke's plan was a bit more shocking.  Just as the mesomeme attempted to attack Vectoria again, Deathstroke used his lightning wall cypher in the water, giving the crustacean a truly electrifying experience.  A few more darts, bolts, and arrows dropped the creature into a watery grave.

Taking the small disk, the party decided to leave the structure and head back to Druissi.  Hopefully they could rest up, learn how to use some of the new cyphers that they found at the bottom of the mesomeme's pool, and prepare to further explore this strange and mysterious ruin.  

Carrie's notes for Vectoria


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    1. Thanks so much! Our most recent trip this past weekend had us finish Seedship... Great adventure!

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