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The Strange - Dingo and the Cosmos - Session 4

Clockwise from bottom left: Cooper, Mommy, Carrie, Evie

Agent Dossiers

Arianna Cosmo - A Graceful Vector who Slays Dragons on Ardeyn played by Evie

Crystal Cosmo - A Strange Paradox who Abides in Stone  on Ardeyn played by Carrie

Jacqueline Dingo - A Skeptical Spinner who Embraces Qephilim Ancestry on Ardeyn played by Mommy

Frederick - A Golden Bear who Scares on Ardeyn, played by Cooper

Full dossiers available in our Session 1 summary

Evie slides her Ardeyn sheet over her main Earth sheet

The New Kid, Part Four

For the two Earth natives, Arianna and Crystal Cosmo, this trip to Ardeyn was their very first, but Jackie Dingo was finally coming home.  The Skeptical Spinner was now a tall and proud Qephilim, and she motioned for her two young junior agents to take a look at themselves.  Arianna was adorned in a full suit of armor and was wearing a great sword on her back… just the right gear for a dragonslayer!  Crystal's body had turned to stone, and while she still kind of resembled her former self, she was much, much taller.  The three Estate Agents were now in a dark cave, a dead inapposite gate standing right in the middle.  This was where Anya, the Ardeyn native, had accidentally come to Earth.  The cultist thugs that were tracking down the girl were defeated on Earth, but the ruins beneath Shalmarn were dangerous still, and getting to the surface would be a challenge.  Fortunately for the agents, they would have a guide.

Frederick was a golden furred bear, an animated stuffed plaything that was tormented by his own existence.  Once created as a toy for a rich noble of Shalmarn, when Frederick showed that he was fully sentient, aware, and possessing of the spark, his creator banished him from his own home, into the ruins below the city.  Frederick was in search of new friends, and was pleased to see three adventurers arrive in his part of the ruin.  Eager to gain the trust of the three women, Frederick told them that there were dangerous dog people (Qephilim) ahead, and that he would lead the way.

The next chamber leading towards the surface was large and damp, several pools of water to the left while passages leading deeper into the ruins to the right.  Frederick knew something wasn't right in this room, but before he could warn his three new compatriots a pair of Night Spiders descended on the party.  The bear was startled, but managed to pull his longsword from its sheath.  

It was fightin' time!

Arianna was the first to strike, hitting one of the oncoming spiders with an arrow, while Frederick followed up with a massive upward thrust from his sword.  Crystal's exception, however, failed to take down the second spider, that in turn charged Jackie, bit her, and spun a web around her canine form.  The Skeptical Spinner had been trying to lob a sleep inducing crossbow bolt at the spider, but it was just too fast for her to hit.  Both Arianna and Crystal tried to free their boss, but it was no use… she was just too stuck.  Rather than try to get Jackie loose, the rest of the team gave up and just focused on the spiders.  Arianna was very surprised at her newfound skill with a two-handed blade, and she sliced half the legs off of one of the beasts before Frederic followed up with his own blade, killing the creature, and then slashed out and killed the second.  

This bear was a force to be reckoned with!  

The team moved further into the chamber, and saw the light of day on the far end before getting confronted by a pair of surly and burly Qephilim mercenaries.  The two mercs refused to let the party through, claiming that the little girl they had in their possession was worth a great deal of crowns to a local noble.  Crystal realized she had a disguise enhancement, and thinking on her feet convinced Anya to drink the potion.  When Jackie realized what her junior associate did, she turned to one of her brother Qephilim and convinced him that the girl in their possession was not the noble's daughter.  The mercs looked at the girl, shrugged, and let everyone through.  Success!

Anya's parents were absolutely thrilled to have their daughter back home, and as a reward for their service, gave the Estate agents a room in their keep for use in further adventures.  

Carrie is always in character!

Quotes (I gotta be honest… a lot of these are Cooper's)

"Why aren't we rolling?" - Cooper

"Mommy's a dog…" - Cooper

"How 'bout we kill all those bad guys who are in the cave?" - Cooper

Daddy:  "You know there are three evil 'doggies' in this room?"
Cooper: "...and those doggies have a bunch of killing to do!"

"I'm gonna take a BUNCH of damage!" - Cooper

"Baby, I was born this way!" - Arianna's strange war-cry.

"You sound like British Cary Grant." - Jen to Jim when he tried to do a Qephilim Mercenary accent.

Evie, regarding Anya:  "We took her to Dunkin Donuts, we're a better friend than you are." 
Carrie, concerning the Qephilem:  "They don't know what Dunkin Donuts is!"

I need a drink after this game… 

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