Saturday, September 5, 2015

X-Wing Flight Report 10 - The Force Awakens at Panera

#GetOutAndGame Star Wars Episode VII Style

Its been over a month since Evie and I played the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. Between Gen Con, a trip to Delaware to see my folks, and back to school preparation we just haven't had time to break out the miniatures.  But all that changed this Labor Day weekend!  Yesterday was Force Friday, and my wife Jennifer went out and purchased the new Star Wars - The Force Awakens starter box for X-Wing!

I just have to say that these fighters look awesome!

The rules aren't all that different, and are definitely cross compatible between the two games.  The Boost mechanic is now in the rule book, and there are a few new kinds of turns, including an especially deadly turn for the T-70 X-Wing called a "Tallon Turn."  But the best part about the new box is the miniatures!  You get a pair of First Order TIE Fighters and one T-70 X-Wing.  

We decided to play the new game as part of a father/daughter date.  Packing up the X-Wing Miniatures box and our iPad we set out for Target and Panera.  My wife had the chance to take part in Force Friday, but neither Evie nor I saw the setups.  It was awesome!  Lots of Star Wars swag in the store, and some really fun displays.  When Evie saw the TIE Fighter hanging over the Pepsi she started to dance around.  Chewbacca was pretty cool too.

The movie isn't out yet, but I'm already a BB-8 fan.  We found the cute little ball droid back with in the toy department.  The displays were a little picked over, but still fun to look through.

After a little window shopping (much to Evie's dismay we didn't purchase any toys), we headed next door to the North Huntingdon Panera.  I guess that technically makes this a #GetOutAndGame post, since we played the game in the restaurant.  

Game 14

A 35 point quick game to try out the new Star Wars Episode VII themed X-Wing Miniatures Starter Set. 
  • The First Order (Evie):  2 TIE/fo Fighters
    • TIE/fo:  Zeta Ace
    • TIE/fo:  Omega Squadron Pilot
  • The Resistance (Daddy):  1 T-70 X-Wing
    • T-70 X-Wing:  Poe Dameron
      • Upgrades:  BB-8, Weapons Guidance
The biggest surprise I had with this setup was the TIE/fo's.  Each TIE Fighter had one shield point, which may not seem like much, but during the game it definitely made a difference.  I found the T-70 to be a bit confusing when I first spun the action dial.  There were two kinds of turns that I had never seen before, and it was clear I'd have to fly the ship a bit differently.  The T-70 is certainly more acrobatic than the last generation of X-Wings.  

The Game

It took us a few minutes to setup, and we agreed to keep the table free of any asteroids or stray blueberry scone crumbs.  There were a few people who stopped to watch us play the game, but sadly no kids. Evie and I always on the lookout to enlist a few more young players into the ranks of tabletop gaming.

Everything started off simply enough.  There wasn't much room at the table, so we both realized that this could be a short, and very tight battle.  

We were right!  In the first turn the firing began!  

I decided to focus on Evie's weaker fighter first.  I got the drop on it during the first round of the game, and Evie tends to favor her stronger pilots so much so that she will be a bit careless with her weaker ones.  I figured her second maneuver would most likely place the fighter right in front of my cannons so long as I turned left slightly.

Yes, I am a terrible father exploiting my daughter's flaws.  

I only managed to knock out the TIE/fo's shields in this exchange.  In turn, I lost a shield from the Zeta Ace's blaster cannons. 

I had to caution Evie to make sure she took care of both of her ships, and not just the one that had her better pilot.  I think the advice worked… at least for a little while.

A couple turns later and I was in a great position!  Poe Dameron had a great shot on the Omega Squadron Pilot!  

Evie couldn't watch my rolls, and for some reason thought she was loosing a fighter.  But  those TIE's are so nimble!  Not even a scratch.

She was quickly getting the hang of some of the new maneuvers though, which was bad for me.  She also performed her very first lock-on!  I don't think she's ever had a ship that could do this.  

This was a great round for me.  Three hits, including a pair of criticals and since Evie performed a red maneuver she couldn't Focus.  So three hits on her Zeta Ace.  One more and he was a goner.  

I flew off but had a pair of TIE/fo's in hot pursuit.  

Evie thought the tables had turned, and she giggled in delight at all the dice rolling.  But Poe is a darned good pilot!  he managed to stay clear of any significant damage.  I would really miss the two points of shields though… 

We flew around each other for a turn...

… and then for another turn… 

… and then I had the Zeta Ace in Poe's sights!  

This exchange was a major turning point in the game.  I knocked out the Zeta Ace with some wicked dice rolling.  I think I had two criticals and two regular hits against the Zeta's lone remaining hull point.  But the "turning point" was not in my favor.  This was the last time in the game that I would roll well.  For the Resistance it was all downhill… 

I pressed the attack on the Omega Squadron Pilot, figuring that it would only take a couple passes to knock out this weaker fighter.

But Evie now had the hot hands in the dice game!  Clickety, clickety, clack!

Evie was now the aggressor, and on the second to last turn we argued over whether or not she could hit me.

She couldn't.  

When at first you don't succeed, do a K-Turn...

… and then roll really, really well!  

Poor Poe Dameron and BB-8… I guess they won't be in Episode VIII. 

Of course for Evie this was a blast!  She loves her TIE-Fighters, and really enjoyed her time piloting the TIE/fo's.   

First Order in First Place

During our last battle I smacked the snot out of Evie on her birthday, so its only fitting that she turned the tide during this game.  Honestly, I thought I had her but I made a pair of poor decisions in the end.  Evie gloated a bit, but that is to be expected.  The kid's only nine.  

I told Evie, partway through the game, that she could have an X-Wing Lego set if she happened to beat me.  She was so excited!  So we walked over to Target and took a look at the Legos.

Look at the joy on this cute little geek girl's face!  She was so excited to hold this TIE Fighter boxed set.  Unfortunately, a $60+ Lego purchase wasn't what I had in mind.

I promised Evie a Lego TIE Fighter, but I didn't say "which" Lego TIE Fighter she was going to get.  

Vlog, Vlog, Vlog, Vlog, Vlog-Vlog, Vlog, Vlog-Vlog (think Imperial march)

If you are interested in hearing more about my daughter's glorious victory for the First Order we filmed a brief vlog following our game:

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