Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Numenera - The Devil's Spine - Session 4

The Devil's Spine Campaign Log

Welcome to our group's campaign log for The Devil's Spine, a mega-adventure by +Monte Cook for the Numenera campaign setting.  

Originally this was going to be a pure and simple campaign log.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just a record for me and my friends to keep track of what was going on in the game.  But I've decided that, as we progress through the adventure, I'd do some commentary and/or reviews on different parts of the adventure.  So... SPOILERS!

A Soundtrack for The Devil's Spine

We had a very musical evening last night.  Not sure why, but at several moments during our play session, certain members of our table started breaking out into song.  Admittedly, it was mostly me.  It all started when we discussed Recovery Rolls, a concept in Numenera and the Cypher System that allows PC's to heal on their own.  I can't remember the exact lyrics to this entirely made the Recovery Roll song, but I know that it was brilliantly executed, and it should've been recorded for future use.  Perhaps I have a Kickstarter in my future for official Cypher System mechanics songs.  

Other songs sung last night include:

  • Black Riage - a Numenera sea shanty about mountains - written and performed by James Walls
  • When It's Love - Van Halen (the good Van Halen, with Sammy Hagar) - performed by James Walls
  • Du Hast - Rammstein - performed by James Walls
  • Boys Don't Cry - The Cure - performed by James Walls
  • Pictures of You - The Cure - performed by David Howard
  • Love Song - The Cure - performed by James Walls

Looking back at this list, we sure did sing a lot of the Cure at the end of that adventure!  Did I miss anything, guys?  If so, make sure to let me know.  


  • Belmodan, a Resourceful Seeker who Wields a Whip, played by +andrew lyon 
  • Keane, a Rebellious Glaive who Likes to Break Things, played by +Craig McCullough 
  • Nero, a Mad Nano who Travels Through Time, played by +David Howard 
  • PL4T0, an Artificially Intelligent Jack who Resides in Silicon, played by +Marc Plourde
  • Ruun, an Exiled Glaive who Gazes into the Abyss, played by +William Keller 

Previously on The Devil's Spine

Session 4:  When It's Love

Days 2-4

Our adventurous band of numenera hunters arrived at the train station via PL4T0's hover train girlfriend, C01133N.  This station was over two hundred miles southeast of Uxphon, bringing the desperate explorers much closer to the Insidious Choir, and the possibility of their freedom from the Nagaina defender parasites attached to their backs.  While searching the depot for cyphers, PL4T0 accidentally activated an electricity device, damaging his own circuitry.  Belmodan was quick to repair his silicon friend, but did so by disassembling C01133N's terminal on board the hover train.

Once outside, the party began their trek south.  At the end of their first night, all of the adventurers who required food noticed that their rations had been tainted by the viral apes they battled earlier in the day.  So Nero went hunting for flish (future flying fish, see The Future is Wild.)  A few minutes later, the party noticed that there was a small restaurant nearby called "Nero's Flish Hut."  Nero emerged from the restaurant full of smoked flish, and the party continued their journey.

[GM's Note:  David rolled a 20 when going hunting for flish.  Since his character "Travels Through Time" I said that he was able to shift himself back in the past to a prior world, and open up a chain of very popular flish restaurants.  Then he returned to the future with one of these restaurants.  I love that focus!]

As the party traveled south they heard a distant screaming.  Unsure of whether or not this was a festival, a death metal band, or David Lee Roth, PL4T0 investigated the screams, discovering the Lake of Screaming Statues on the opposite side of a hill.  The party weighed the option of visiting the lake, and then decided not to.  Encounter averted!

At the end of the third night on the road, the party was greeted by a traveling tattoo artist.  Larix Festus, the Half Headed Tattooista, was a capable artist, specialized in working with nanite infused ink.  He was also missing half his head, from the nose up.  Larix claimed that it existed a millisecond in the future.  The party all got tattoos.

The next morning, the team finally came to a narrow ravine that led to an open field.  A one kilometer tall tower, the base of the Insidious Choir, lay in the distance.  But between the ravine and the tower, a collapsed building blocked passage.  Before the party could move forward, a pair of explorers ran out from the field and hid on the side of the tower facing the team.  A great, mutated cragworm the appeared.  The fifty foot tall creature must have been hunting for the explorers.  

One of the explorers saw that Belmodan was approaching.  The seeker was the only member of the party not hiding.  The stranger charged Belmodan in an attempt to keep him away from the dangerous cragworm.  Belmodan took this as a threat, and used his whip to trip the explorer.  When she got up, she wasn't too thrilled, but at least the cragworm slinked off. 

The explorers, Askalar and Theobald, stated that they were headed to the tower of the Insidious Choir to free a man named Dro.  Askalar was one of Dro's friends, as was their now deceased associate Ederana.  Theobald was the group's guide.  Their plan was to sneak past the cragworm (so far they had not been successful) and get into the tower to inject a special,  catholicon antivirus cypher into Dro.  

At first the two parties discussed teaming up, but then Nero accidentally stated "We'll do our best to save your friend... I lie."  The Nano actually used all those words... really!

[GM's Note:  The last two words were only included when I hit David with the GM Intrusion.  I don't think David had any intention of those last two words getting included in his character's dialogue.]

This of course led to a battle, which our intrepid band of adventurous rogues won.  Theobald didn't seem much up for combat, so he was paid with an Invisibility Node cypher to help lead the party into the cragworm's domain.  


"You're a naughty, naughty seeker... somebody's gonna get the whip again." - David to Andy, creating a very uncomfortable moment in the game.

"Are you trying to say that C01133N's going to cheat on me?" - A jealous Marc yelling at Craig.

"Actually, Insidious Choir led by lead singer Black Riage could be a Numenera Death Metal band." - Marc.  I'd pay to see this band.  

"It's David Lee Roth!  He's Still Alive!" - Marc on the Screaming Statues.  Little did he know that it was Sammy Hagar who lives in the 9th World!

Larix - "Are you all strong of stomach?"
Nero - "No."

"Bra Hammer, didn't they open for The Insidious Choir?" - David.  I'd pay to see that band as well.  

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