Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Judge James @ Gen Con 51

Okay, despite news to the contrary, much of which released by yours truly, I will in fact be at Gen Con 51 this year. Now I'm not there yet. In fact, it's driving me crazy that so many of you are already at Gen Con on Tuesday of Holy Gen Con Week. 

What the hell people? 

You know, last year our whole family showed up at Gen Con ready to game on Tuesday night and there wasn't a soul in town who wanted to play. This year, everyone's in town. Well don't yinz go using up all the gaming, okay? There better be plenty left for us when we arrive...

... Thursday.

Ugh! Okay, I can't be upset about this week. Actually, the only reason we're going is because some of our friends really stepped up and helped us make this happen. Plus I have an awesome boss who let me take the last two days of the week off. I owe him lunch. Great dude. But it's so hard watching everyone have fun already in town! But we'll be there soon.  Just gotta figure out if we're going to try and make most of the trip tomorrow night (getting into Columbus around 2am, and then Indy the next morning around 10am) or just splitting the trip in half (getting into Indy around noon or 1pm on Thursday). 

Sometimes this whole "let's live in Philadelphia" thing really screws with our travel. I still haven't figured out how we're getting to Gary Con next year. 

Just in case you're looking to link up with me, note that I have a super basic schedule. Actually, it's incredibly open, and in many cases we're just hanging out for a few days:

  • I'll be spending a lot of time volunteering at the Monte Cook Games event room, helping out with running Numenera and The Strange for my friends in that awesome company. I'm just a fill-in GM, but it's looking like I'll be taking at least two slots on Saturday right now (12-4 and 8pm-12am at the moment).
  • Thursday and Friday night we plan on being at the DCC after hours at Embassy Suites. Chances are that Judge Evie will be GM'ing, and I'll be playing. 
  • Saturday night I expect Evie and the gang will be over at the Embassy Suites again, and I'll be linking up with them late. So if you want to hang out super, duper late Saturday... I'm probably in. I may be falling asleep, but I'm in! Since we're staying downtown, it doesn't really matter right?
  • On Sunday day, I have no idea what's going on. I imagine I'll have not spent enough money at this point and I'll be hunting the halls for something... anything... to bring home. We bought a new van a couple months ago (Kia Sedona) so I need to fill that bad boy up.
  • Sunday night I plan on running some after hours Mutant Crawl Classics meets Country Crawl Classics meets Metamorphosis Alpha at our hotel (Omni downtown) or somewhere adjacent. Looking like a full table, but hell, we can probably squeeze in more if Judge Evie assists. And I'm sure that kid will assist!

As for shopping, I don't really have a lot on my wish list:

  • I plan on spending a ton over at the Goodman Games booth, picking up the Gen Con program guide, a bunch of modules, and an extra Mutant Crawl Classics corebook. 
  • I need another nerd hat that says something other than Dungeon Crawl Classics on the cover, just so I can wear something that isn't branded to another company while hanging out in the Monte Cook Games room. I mean... that's kind of a jerk move, right?
  • I'd like to pick up Numenera - Jade Colossus because it remains as the only Numenera book that I don't own. 
  • I'm on the hunt for new and innovative ways to do terrain that won't require me to be super poor for an entire quarter (I'm looking at you, Dwarven Forge!)
  • I'd like some awesome miniatures! 

So that's it. Let's do this, Gen Con! 

By the way, if you see me at the convention, please say "hi" and give me tons of crap for being quiet on my blog for so long. Given that today's my 28th blog post this month, I think I should get some kind of a pass, but I totally understand if you want to give me crap. I've earned it.

But make sure to give me a gentle reminder of who you are in digital space. I know many (most) of you by your static icons, and not by your living, breathing faces. So I may need a bit of prompting.

See you soon! 

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