Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DCC "J" RPG - Occupations for a Nintendo Inspired DCC Campaign

Pixels are my Old School

See that picture up there?  That's me (on the left) and my brother (on the right) playing the original Final Fantasy for Nintendo.  I'm guessing this picture is from around 1989.  At this point in my gaming career I still hadn't discovered tabletop RPG's.  That part of my life would begin less than a year later.  Since my discovery of tabletop RPG's occurred around the same time as my NES and early JRPG days, the two events have been forever linked.

Heck, I even wrote a full blog post about the whole connection last winter.  

For those of you who haven't touched a Nintendo, or who shy away from console RPG's, the J in JRPG stands for "Japanese".  It's safe to say that most console RPG's from Japan include anime-inspired art, main characters stricken with amnesia, and at least one anthropomorphic race or species.  

It's been a while since I did a full list of new occupations, but had a great time coming up with those Star Wars - Stormtrooper themed options in the spring.  So I thought "why not capture that feel for Dungeon Crawl Classics games?"  

What I've compiled is a full list of 100 occupations, complete with starting weapons and trade goods, that can replace Table 1-3 in the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game rulebook.  Please note that while I'm the one that put the list together, many of these ideas are straight from the minds of +Paul C and +Taylor Frank, who both contributed a TON of ideas on a thread in the DCCRPG Google+ group today.  Thanks guys!  Also gotta give a shout-out to my daughter Carrie who came up with the Pokemon…er… I mean "Pocket Demon" occupations.  

You rock, kiddo!  

Each and every one of these occupations could easily fit in a Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Chrono Trigger game.  Some of these refer to weird races/species, such as Automaton or Moonfolk, but for now just treat them as humans.  Or maybe you could make the Moonfolk elves.  I don't know, I haven't come up with new races or classes for these…

… yet.  

On to the list!

DCC"J"RPG Occupation List

(Each occupation is organized as "title - starting weapon - trade good")
  1. Academy Student - Sportstick (as staff) - Textbook
  2. After Battle Cleaner - Rake (as staff) - Bottle of cleaning solution
  3. Aimlessly Wandering Townie - Club  - An extra set of dull clothing
  4. Airship Crewman - Belaying Pin (as club) - Airship badge
  5. Airship Mechanic - Wrench (as mace) - Box of nuts and bolts
  6. Amiable Slime Creature - Mace - Bucket (for storage and a bed)
  7. Angst Ridden Village Teen - Throwing Star (dart) - Sunglasses
  8. Animated Stuffed Animal - Hand Axe - Bell
  9. Anthropomorphic Squire - Long Sword - Saddle
  10. Aspiring Bestiary Author - Dagger - Scroll case, parchment, pen
  11. Atypical Mount Trainer - Whip - Box of treats
  12. Automaton Cohort - Mace - Oil can
  13. Automaton Laborer - Club - Large sack
  14. Big Mouthed Street Tough - Brass Knuckles (1d3 damage) - Wallet on a chain
  15. Bipedal Bird Rancher - Staff - Young Bipedal Bird (Bi-Bir)
  16. Bipedal Bird Rider - Short Bow - Bag of bird food
  17. Black Magic School Dropout - Sharpened Wand (1d3 dmg) - Pointy Hat
  18. Boss Monster Assistant - Club - Burn ointment
  19. Card Game Aficionado - Metal throwing card (as dart) - Deck of cards
  20. Cave Witch’s Apprentice - Staff - Weak poultice, heals 1d3 hp
  21. Celestial Tree Leaf Raker - Rake (as staff) - 1 leaf from the Celestial Tree
  22. Cheerful Nurse - Syringe (as dart) - Adhesive bandage
  23. Cinder Squire - Short Sword - Coaldark Cloak
  24. Crystal Polisher - Chisel (as dagger) - Crystal polishing rag
  25. Cute Mascot Creature - Spear - Soft fur brush
  26. Disgraced Lackey  - Mace Evil Uniform
  27. Disguised Prince/Princess - Staff - Commoner Disguise
  28. Dragoon Jump Trainer  - Spear - Boot polish
  29. Drunken Pirate - Cutlass (as short sword) - Bottle of grog
  30. Dungeon Architect - 10’ Pole (as staff) - Map to an unknown dungeon
  31. Dungeon Chest Placer - Spear - Empty small chest
  32. Eager Innkeeper - Staff - Feather Duster
  33. Evil Monologue Writer - Quill (as dart) - Scroll case full of parchment 
  34. Exiled Space Prince/Princess - Short Bow - Moon rock
  35. Failed Rocket Pilot - Flight Stick (as club) - Cap and goggles
  36. Failed Villain - Short Sword - Red cape
  37. Flamboyant Rival - Rapier (as short sword) - Foppish hat
  38. Flower Vendor - Ornate Staff - Basket
  39. Fountain Dancer - Sharpened Dance Shoe (as dagger) - Fancy suit/dress
  40. Freed Pocket Demon - Sling - Cracked demon ball
  41. Frustrated Mime - Bowling Pin (as club) - Face paint
  42. Ghost Forest Charlatan - Short Bow  - Spooky whistle
  43. Gold to Monster Feeder - Tongs (as club) - Large funnel
  44. Grim Dark Apprentice - Staff - Notes from Grim Dark Master
  45. Gruff Blacksmith - Warhammer - 5lbs of Iron
  46. Gunblade Greaser - Gunblade handle (as club) - Can of grease
  47. Heal Potion Brewer's Assistant - Broken Bottle (as knife) - Three empty bottles
  48. Honorbound Cat Person - Hand Axe - Holy symbol of the Whiskered Goddess
  49. Kid with Amnesia - Dagger  - A picture of someone in a locket
  50. Lava World Native - Obsidian Club  - Decorative loincloth
  51. Legendary Hero’s Mother-in-Law - Frying Pan (as Mace) - Pot
  52. Living Puppet - Dagger - Spool of string
  53. Lost Time Traveler - Blaster Pistol (1d6) - Digital Watch
  54. Magi-Factory Foreman - Crowbar (as club) - Jar of glow worms
  55. Magi-Train Conductor  - Baton (as club) - Extra tickets
  56. Magma Prison Escapee - Club - Tin of tobacco  
  57. Mana Potion Line Cook - Steel Ladle (as club) - Mana potion (cures 2 pts of Spellburn)
  58. Meandering Merchant - Sling - Oversized sack
  59. Mercenary School Graduate - Long Sword - Hot dog (wrapped)
  60. Mercenary School Headmaster/Headmistress - Whip - Manacles
  61. Midi Musician - Dart - Electric harp
  62. Moonfolk Manhunter - Short Bow - 50’ rope
  63. Moonfolk Rockseller - Shovel (as staff) - 3 moon rocks
  64. Naming Lad - Quill (as dart) - Book of baby names
  65. Needlessly Large Sword Maker  - Bokken (as club) - Plans for the world’s biggest sword
  66. Nostalgic Shopkeeper  - Club - Finely crafted wooden horse
  67. Optimistic Resistance Fighter - Short Bow - Six pack of cherry cola
  68. Orphan Sprite Child - Dagger - Bag of candy
  69. Overachieving Tween - Short Sword - Gold Medal (worth 1gp)
  70. Overworked Potter - Broom (as staff) - 5 lbs clay
  71. Pet Store Clerk - Cane (as club) - Ploggle (headless living ball of fur with tail)
  72. Pixel Artist - Hardened Paint Brush (as club) - Easel & Paint
  73. Plucky Treasure Finder - Dagger - Long lost silver necklace (10sp)
  74. Pocket Demon Catcher - Whip - Demon Ball (stores one demon)
  75. Pocket Demon Gym Janitor - Mop (as staff) - Bottle of glass cleaner
  76. Raving Sportsballer - Sportsball (as dart) - Sportsball Uniform
  77. Reformed Monster - Club - Letter of reform from The Mayor
  78. Repentant Cinder Knight - Long Sword - Coaldark Leather Armor
  79. Save Point Tender - Broom (as staff) - Tent
  80. Semi-Civilized Sasquatch  - Big Rock (as Mace) - Teeth of the vanquished 
  81. Serrated Armor Armorer - Warhammer - Small hammer
  82. Sewer Level Slumdog - Dagger - Metal strainer
  83. Shadow World Refugee - Dagger - Jar of pickled worms
  84. Shadow World Visitor - Spiky Mace - Giant Land Snail companion (size of dog)
  85. Spiky Hair Stylist - Mirror (as club) - Tin of hair ointment 
  86. Spoony Bard - Large spoon (as club) - Lute
  87. Submersible Chef - Chef’s Knife (as Dagger) - Pot
  88. Submersible Sailor - Trident (as spear) - Sushi roll
  89. Summoned Monster Tender - Shovel (as staff) - Sack of guano
  90. The Mayor (if this comes up more than once, all but one are impostors) - Staff - Badge of office
  91. Toad-Cursed Knight - Long Sword - Shield
  92. Turnip Knight - Short Sword - Turnip Helmet
  93. Tutorial Sage - Staff - Chalk and small chalk board
  94. Underworld Dwarf Jailer - Hand Axe - Bottle of under dwarven under ale
  95. Underworld Dwarf Miner - Pickaxe (as hand axe) - 1lbs coal
  96. Unemployed Minion - Spear - Last pay (25 cp)
  97. Wannabe Ninja - Ninja-to (as short sword) - Grappling Hook
  98. White Belt - Nunchuku (as club) - Gi and Sandals 
  99. Wilderperson - Spear - Ear necklace
  100. Wolfheaded Pickpocket - Sling - Three finely crafted wallets

Parting Shots

Finishing up this list I got to thinking of how this could all fit in a really fun game world.  Where is the Celestial Tree, and why is it celestial?  What is the Underworld like?  How dangerous is that Magma Prison?  I may have to set a few adventures in this stereotypical, cartridge-themed universe…

… I wonder if I'll have to blow in my DCCRPG rulebook to get the game started… 

Feel free to offer up some more character options, or even some ideas for additional rules.  Also, if you spot any of the many dozen easter eggs in here please call them out!  

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