Friday, January 1, 2016

A Living 4 Crits New Year

Happy New Year, blog readers!

2015 was a fantastic year here on Living 4 Crits.  Lots of new blog posts and a brand new YouTube channel!  Living 4 Crits Late Knights took up part of my summer, and a few weeks ago Marc Plourde, Ryan Chaddock, and I kicked off Cypher Live.  

We got to play a ton of new games, and explore new campaign settings.  We used The Strange to run a Sherlock Holmes/Star Wars/Dark Sun mega-adventure.  We ran multiple Savage Worlds campaigns, leading to fun cosplay moments in the far reaches of The Last Parsec as well as on the high seas of 50 Fathoms.  We slaughtered a dozen Disney characters on a Starless Sea in Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Great times!

We also learned a few new games this past year, and everyone's obsession with Star Wars was obvious.  Evie and I became addicted to the X-Wing Miniatures Game, and I finally tried Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.  I even got to play Age of Rebellion, and by year's end purchased that red core book to add to my collection.

But there were other games that we learned.  The Cypher System Rulebook gave me another way to play one of my favorite systems.  I made a goblin named Buckets in Shadow of the Demon Lord.  As an extension of last year's Quattro con Carnage experiment, Marc Plourde ran Dragon Age.  Jennifer and I got to try Fantasy Age with Marc at Gen Con, in a two-part series of pickup sessions…

… Gen Con…

… holy crap, Gen Con 2015 was amazing!  

So I gotta be honest, 2016, you have a LOT to live up to!  I hope you're taking notes, 2016, because I have a few requests:

1)  I'd really like to "play" a few games of Savage Worlds.  I'm always on the GM's side of the screen, and I've only played this game once… ONCE!  That's a damned shame!  While finding time to join a full campaign is challenging, I'll be on the lookout for one-shots.

2)  Okay, after just making the statement that I want to play Savage Worlds more, I also need to mention that I'd really like to experience my two favorite Savage World settings with grownups this year:  Accursed and The Last Parsec.  Playing with kids is cool… but playing with adults could be awesome, and I've never had that opportunity.

3)  I want to teach more people about the awesomeness of Numenera and The Strange… and I would love to use the adventure books "Weird Discoveries" and "Strange Revelations" to do so!  I haven't had much luck running Asset Team adventures at brick & mortar locations, so maybe I'll be able to convert more folks online. 

4)  I've been running a lot of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG at our local gaming events with the Norwin Game Knights.  I want to keep the DCCRPG'ing going, not only with my own sessions, but by getting some of my new "tween" players to start judging events.  For our last two club sessions we've had multiple RPG's running at once, and I'd love to see three, four, or five tables filled with players.  

5)  Finally, I'm thrilled that I'll be at Gen Con 2016 with an entire entourage.  Me, Jen, the kids, and my parents will all be in attendance!  Planning has already begun, and we're already getting excited. 

So that's it for my New Years rant.  I hope you've all made some great gaming-related New Years resolutions…

… and if you have, and they match my short list, let me know.  Perhaps we can work together to make 2016 an EPIC year in gaming!  

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