Thursday, January 30, 2014

Basic Fantasy RPG: Dragonlance - Heroes of Solace - Session 2

Basic Fantasy RPG:  Dragonlance

Heroes of Solace - Session 2


- Laststar - Elf Fighter/Magic-User
- Legynda Murkrain - Human Fighter
- Ramirez - Human Cleric

Trouble was brewing in the Abanasinian city of Haven.  A Seeker's son named Amalwyn was lost in the hills just east of the city, and a brave trio of adventurers had been hired to find the lad and return him to his father.  So Laststar, Legynda, and Ramirez gathered their gear and headed east, hopeful that they would be able to gain some notice amongst the other adventurers of Haven.  Using Legynda's amazing tracking skills the three would-be heroes followed a path all the way to a small cave.  Using his infravision Laststar peered into the cave and saw a small pool about 25 feet into the cave tunnel, but beyond that was nothing but wall.  Legynda threw a torch into the cave, which lit up the water, but didn't do much good until the party moved closer.

The small pool had a strange grey slick on it's surface.  Casting a Vermin spell, Laststar summoned a rat and tossed it into the pool… and it was quickly digested.  When Ramirez threw a lasso into the pool, he realized that there was certain trouble as the Grey Ooze started to crawl up the rope towards the cleric.  Although he quickly dropped the rope, Ramirez realized that the party would need something else to slay this beast, given the ineffectiveness of their weapon materials.  Thinking quickly Legynda grabbed the torch off of the ground and tossed it on top of the Grey Ooze, burning it until it completely dissipated.  Soon after, when the water cleared, Laststar saw that there was a secret door at the bottom of the pool, and so the party all waded into the water for a short swim.

On the other side of the underwater tunnel the adventurers were in a larger chamber which had a mushroom covered hunched body on the opposite side of the room.  Legynda inspected closely, and even lifted a mushroom out of the body, only to have it pop in her face, nearly poisoning her.  Figuring that these things were dangerous, and possibly too dangerous to handle, the party moved to the southern tunnels and…

… found themselves right in the center of a bestial ogre's lair!

The creature was massive, and had been chewing on limbs and other body parts that were strewn about the room.  Ramirez pulled out his mace and charged the beast, followed quickly by Legynda and her short sword.  Neither could land a solid blow!  The creature was wearing tough armor, and the party was definitely inexperienced with their weapons.  Laststar managed to sink a single arrow in the guts of the ogre, but this only served to aggregate the wretched creature.  Ramirez would be the first to fall, his head caved in by the beast's boney fists, and soon Legynda was at risk.  The human fighter started to run, pitching her silver dagger at the monster in the hopes that it would strike true.  But she couldn't cause more than a pin-prick of damage.  She would fall to the beast's maw soon after.  Laststar was all that was left, so he fled quickly and took flight down one of the unexplored passages, but found himself at the bottom of a pit trap.  With no where to run, and no way to get himself out of the pit, the elf fighter/magic-user resigned himself to his fate as the bestial ogre extinguished his life's flame.

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