Friday, January 17, 2014

Basic Fantasy RPG: Dragonlance - Heroes of Solace - Session 1

Basic Fantasy RPG:  Dragonlance

Heroes of Solace - Session 1


- Felicia - Human Cleric
- Nicole Slawbottom - Kender Thief
- Stacky Hammerfall - Dwarf Fighter
- Limestien - Human Magic-User
- Slenderman - Minotaur Barbarian
- Dirk - Human Scout

After assembling in the village of Solace, at the Inn of the Last Home, a brave band of adventurers are tasked by the village elders to assist in dealing with a local threat.  To the south-west of the town there had been ogre sightings, and with recent disruptions of trade with nearby towns and villages the elders wanted this threat eliminated.  So the party gathered their belongings, picked up their weapons, and headed down along the road.  Once goblin tracks were picked up by Dirk, however, the troupe moved into the hills along the northern side of the road and carefully searched for signs of danger.

Not far from the sighting of the tracks, the party came upon a destroyed merchant cart, surrounded by vicious and foul goblins.  Not wanting to be seen, Nicole assisted the rest of the party in camouflaging themselves while they carefully approached the goblins.  It would be "The Great Limestieny" and her (or his, no one really knows TGL's gender) incredible sleep spell that would knock out more than a third of the goblins while Slenderman, Dirk, and Nicole rained death from above in the form of arrows, sling stones, and thrown hand-axes at the goblins.  Stacky and Slenderman charged into hand to hand combat, and while the dwarf swung away, the minotaur used horn and axe to make short work of his miniature foes.  Limestien played the archer role as well, using his/her arcane bolt attack whenever possible until she was struck by a rampaging goblin and knocked unconscious.  When the final goblins were waking up from their magically induced slumber, it was too late.  Destruction was all that awaited their green little hides.

With the goblins eliminated (and Nicole wandering off to do something else more interesting), the party ransacked the humanoids' belongings and continued to follow their tracks to a hole in the ground in the southern hills.  Large enough for ogres, there was a weak ladder heading down fifty feet, and hand holds that were placed so far apart that only an ogre could use them.  The party carefully used the ladder (except for Slenderman, who used the hand holds) and descended into the depths of the ogre lair.    Although Limestien was the first to go down and illuminate the ogre lair, it would be Stacky who charged head first towards a door that had been open ajar.  Beyond the door would be a pair of ogres and some cots, which were probably for the goblins.

Stacky wasn't waiting to talk with the two beasties.  He pulled out his axe and went toe to toe with the nearest ogre.  While the dwarf held back his foe Limestien cast another sleep spell knocking the other ogre briefly out of action.  The lone ogre that was fighting was no match for five well equipped adventurers, and fell to a rampaging Slenderman who was raging at the time.  The sleeping ogre would never wake up, as Dirk made short work of the loose end.  The party then gathered the treasure that lay about the room and headed back to Solace.

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  1. Very good. I can visualize the adventure. sounds like fun.