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Savage Worlds: Clockwork - The Daunting Excursion to Dread Island - Session 1

Savage Worlds: Clockwork - Season 2 - Session 1
The Daunting Excursion to Dread Island, Part One


Journal Date:  April 16th, 1898

Cast:  Lady Selene Eva Thana (Eternal Noble), Reginald Thistlethorpe (Psychic Medium), Nigel Loring (Hunter/Adventurer/Explorer), Fangzhi (Wudang Initiate)

Notable NPC’s:  President Milton Burroughs, Captain Oswald Chance, Piter Hess (Deck Hand)

Plot Summary:  

Explosions wracked the Nova Victoriana, a grand airship commissioned by Ravenswood College floating high above Dread Island, 200 miles north of Madagascar.  Three ornithopters blasted the slow-moving craft with gatling gun rounds and beeper-seeker rockets while the crew desperately tried to fight back.  With half the crew dead, Nigel Loring unconscious, and the ship on fire, Reginald Thistlethorpe, Lady Selene Eva Thana, and Fangzhi had to rush into action!  While the psychic medium Reginald taunted the scurvy air bandits, Lady Selene charged up to one of the deck guns and started blasting away.  She managed two kills for the day, damaging the wings of one of the craft while exploding another in a shower of shrapnel and coal dust.  Fangzhi focused on the flames, and put out the fire in the fore section of the craft, and was trying to move aft on the vessel’s airbag when one of the ‘thopters crashed into the front of the airship, causing it to fall to the waters below.  The party quickly assumed crash positions while Captain Oswald Chance piloted the craft into the warm waters below.  The vessel slowly sank most of the way into the water while Fang (towing the still unconscious Nigel), Reginald, and Lady Selene swam to shore.

The party had come to Dread Island in search of the Princess Alexandra.  An interplanetary craft that had recently come from distant Mars, the Princess Alexandra carried a dozen Canal Martian Philisophes who were supposed to be on a trip to Ravenswood College to work with college President Milton Burroughs on an exchange program - a plan that would eventually lead to the opening of a sister college in Syrtis Major.  Unfortunately the craft never made it to London, and the president feared involvement by the infamous and cult-like secret society known as Obscura.  Knowing that only his best agents could be sent into the field, President Burroughs called on Nigel Loring and the rest of his team to accompany the college’s new spirit-summoning enigma Reginald Thistlethorpe to the East African coast. 

Once on shore the party split their tasks.  Lady Thana was getting hungry, so Nigel Loring headed into the jungle to bring her back some lizard blood.  Thinking that there could possibly someone left alive in the Nova Victoriana, despite it bobbing up and down on one end, Fang and Reginald headed out into the bay.  The party had already pulled Piter Hess, one of the deck hands, out of the water a few moments earlier, so possibly there were others alive.  Once at the ship, however, it seemed like all was lost.  Fang was about to swim back when he heard a faint tapping on the other side of the aluminum coating.  Quickly Reginald summoned an aetheric shark that swam down and into the slowly sinking craft, pulling none other than Captain Chance out of the dying craft.

There was a village to the north, but the party believed that one of the ornithopters may have crash landed to the East.  Not needing to seek any medical treatment yet, the party headed East and uncovered the ornithopter, which had landed.  The ‘thopter gunner was scanning the tree line for danger while the pilot repaired the craft.  Wanting to take them out quietly, Nigel slowly crept through the grass with Fangzhi not far behind.  When the big game hunter was in range with his elephant gun, he blasted away at the gunner.  The first shot hit him right in the shoulder, breaking through bone and gristle.  Although gatling gun fire kept Fang and Nigel from acting too brashly, a second shot from the elephant gun took out the gunner’s head.  Quickly Fang sprung into action and charged the ornithopter.  He fashioned a lasso out of vines and deftly launched it at the pilot, just as he was ready to take off in the craft.  Restrained, the party prepared to interrogate the pilot, just as a troupe of local villagers approached from the north.  


“Didn’t you just say 10 minutes ago that you didn’t need a climbing bonus?” - Brian commenting on Frank’s earlier comment that he didn’t need to purchase shoes to help him climb, right after he realized that his climbing skill might not be enough to help with fixing the Nova Victoriana.

“I say, you’re a FRIGHTFULLY poor shot!” - Reginald Thistlethorpe taunts one of the Ornithopter pilots successfully.

“You’re really going to summon a ‘friendly’ shark to go in there?” - Frank didn’t quite believe Brian’s plan to cast “Summon Ally” to have an ectoplasmic shark go in the wreckage of the Nova Victoriana.  

-“I don’t believe in attacking unsuspecting targets... not very sporting.” - Reginald Thistlethorpe, party pacifist

“Then you’re in the wrong party!” - Nigel Loring, party badass

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