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Savage Worlds: Clockwork - The Daunting Excursion to Dread Island - Session 4

Savage Worlds: Clockwork - Season 2 - Session 4
The Daunting Excursion to Dread Island, Part Four


Journal Date:  April 18th, 1898

Cast:  Lady Selene Eva Thana (Eternal Noble), Reginald Thistlethorpe (Psychic Medium), Nigel Loring (Hunter/Adventurer/Explorer), Fangzhi (Wudang Initiate), Captain Oswald Chance (Sky Baron)

Notable NPC’s:  Ka the Werejaguar, Tupu

Plot Summary:  

Trapped on the south-western peninsula of Dread Island, the adventuring party was desperate to find out what had happened to their brave deckhand and the rest of their Tanaroan sailors.  While Nigel searched the shore, eventually finding giant frog footed trails that led to the sea, Reginald wanted to explore the wreckage of their boat, which was out beyond the rocks, at least 50 feet from shore.  Riding his summoned ghost-shark, the psychic medium swam out to the broken vessel and gave it a quick examination. The boat appeared to have been smashed in half by some large force, the nature of which Reginald couldn’t determine.  He was sure, however, that it wasn’t a bomb.  After Reginald swam back to shore, it would be Fangzhi’s turn to take a look around.  Climbing a nearby tree (took two tries before he could scale the sleek palm), Fang looked out onto the water and saw that there were great stones in a pattern far below the waves.  Calling down to the rest of the party, Fang described a line of large circular stones that led 500 feet out into the bay, where they formed a circle.

Interested in the stones, and figuring that he was the only member of the party with any skill at swimming, Captain Oswald Chance threw off his backpack and started doggie-paddling out towards the first stone.  Once above the stone, he dove down to take a look.  The large, circular, marble stone was well carved, and had been in place about 1,500 years according to Captain Chance’s knowledge of history, science, and all other random facts.  The captain considered swimming out to another stone but the water started getting choppy.  When the captain tried to swim back he became panicked by the large waves and could only tread water.  While Fang started thinking up a way to save the party’s Sky Baron, Captain Chance found that he was stabbed by something beneath the waves... something that he could not see.  Getting more and more concerned, the captain tried to make his way back to sure under his own strength again but failed, and yet again was stabbed by something beneath the water.  Fangzhi threw a stone-laden rope out to the captain, and while he was able to reach it, he was not able to swim back even with assistance.  So the Wudang Initiate took to the water himself and swam out to save the poor Sky Baron.  When Fang reached Captain Chance, he saw that there were two or three figures beneath the waves that were stabbing at the captain with spears.  Fearing that the captain would be difficult to drag to shore, Fangzhi moved to immobilize his adventuring companion, and as soon as he reached Captain Chance, he knocked him out cold.  

Once Chance was on the shore Fangzhi started performing his ch’i healing, taking care of his friend and leaving him only with a few battered ribs.  Not knowing of any other option, the party decided that they’d have to walk all the way back to Tanaroa village to get more supplies and possibly a few more guides for the jungles and hills of Dread Island.  So they started walking, Nigel in front with his elephant gun at the ready, and Reginald at the rear, with a spyglass extended looking for trouble.  Trouble would indeed find the party.  Halfway through their walk back to Tanaroa village, Nigel was about to cross a small stream when a large creature the size of a crocodile but with larger and longer legs lashed out and tore into the flesh of his arm and shoulder.  Gritting his teeth in utter agony, Nigel put his shotgun against the head of the lizard and pulled the trigger, killing it instantly, but also successfully alerting the owners of the lizard... a trio of cat-men who were nearby.  

The cat-men did not seem interested in approaching the party yet, and stayed back, possibly waiting to perform some kind of ambush.  So Reginald, in a state of hyper-curiosity, moved towards the cat-men and started spouting off in random languages.  When German and Turkish didn’t work he tried Latin, and lucky for the troupe, the leader of the cat-men, Ka, seemed to understand Latin.  In fact, Ka stated that his people understood multiple languages of “the book” and Latin was one of these, along with Greek.  Now with a way to communicate Lady Thana joined her comrade in diplomacy, negotiating a truce with the cat-men.  Agreeing to accompany them back to their camp, the party was blinded and weapons removed.  

Once at the camp the characters were lightly interrogated, but were properly fed and given shelter.  Tupu, one of the cat-men females, questioned the party at great length.   She was interested in where they had come from, as well as intrigued at their skill sets.  Once she had asked enough of her questions she let the characters go to sleep.  The next morning they were approached by Ka and given a task.  Ka promised “great medicine” if they would travel north and confront the giants who had stolen “The Book”.  This item was an artifact to the cat-men, and Ka seemed greatly distressed that the giants would take this holy relic for their own.  He explained that his people had contact with both the giants to the north, their greatest rivals, as well as the flying humans who would occasionally meet them for trade near a lake to the east.  Interested in the “great medicine” that they could gain, fueled by newfound information regarding Obscura and their base to the north, and driven by Reginald’s great curiosity, the party agreed to help the cat-men in their quest to retrieve The Book.

Traveling north the party carefully walked the mountain paths looking for any sign that the giants were nearby.  It did not take long to find a pair of the brutes.  Having just taken down some large game, a wild bull, the giants were tearing apart the beast trying to get some meat for the rest of their kind.  Well Captain Chance and Nigel weren’t having any of that.  Each lined up a shot with their respective rifles and blasted away on the giants without remorse or regard for the innocence of the creatures.  As the two giants charged up the trail towards the party, one was horribly confused by Reginald and one of his arcane powers, and the other took significant damage from gunfire.  Lady Selene would drop one of the beasts, and after a few more bullets from his fellow fighters, Reginald was able to summon forth a hand to control his weapon, and cut off the head of the last remaining brute.  


“What does Brian’s character do?” - Frank
“He doesn’t check wreckage, that’s for sure!” - Brian

“Don’t worry its nothing, keep going!” - Frank didn’t believe that Dante’s character was really interested.

“It’s a 3.” - Dante... all night long.  

“You can’t control your dog, you got problems.” - Nigel wasn’t a fan of the crocodile on a leash.   

“I rolled an 8, that’s Turkish... I try Turkish!  We come in peace!” - Brian was ready to go through every language he knew until he could communicate with the cat-men.  He’s lucky he took latin!

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