Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CypherCaster Magazine - Cypher Fanatics United!

Cover art by Jeff Brown

There are many reasons to love the Cypher System.  The elegant game mechanics inspire creativity from game masters and players.  The campaign settings, both Numenera and The Strange, offer truly unique universes teaming with opportunities for adventure.  The player characters, constructed using the now famous “adjective noun who verbs” format, come to life within moments after their creation. 

But for all of my discussions about the fictional elements of Cypher System games, it’s the creative people involved that have made me a true believer in this game.  However I’m not just referring to the folks at Monte Cook Games…

… I’m also referring to the incredible Cypher System fan base! 

So imagine my delight when I was invited by CypherCaster Publisher David Wilson Brown to take part in the creation of a new Cypher System fan publication:  CypherCaster Magazine!  It's been a lifelong dream of mine to have a piece of writing published, so scratch that off of my bucket list.   I am so proud to be associated with the accomplished group of writers and authors that you are going to find in CypherCaster Magazine.  

Andrew Cady, Jim Ryan, Chris Fitzgerald, Marc Plourde, and Scott Robinson, just to be included in this cast of awesomeness, is so cool!  

Here's what we have in store for you just in Issue 1:

  • Andrew Cady interviews Matt Forbeck and Robert Schwalb, creators of the upcoming Cypher System-driven Shotguns & Sorcery Roleplaying Game.   
  • Jim Ryan's short story Shapes in the Salt takes place in the Ninth World of Numenera.  
  • Chris Fitzgerald's Numenera adventure, Hunting for Krofwarten gives game-masters a sandbox module set in Milave but, able to be used anywhere in the Ninth World.
  • Got a itch for Norse Mythology in your Strange campaign?  Marc Plourde's Estate Files: Norse Recursion Cluster can serve as both an adventure seed as well as detailed player handouts!
  • Did I mention Scott Robinson's Holstenwall recursion yet?  A "Recursion of Gothic Fear" Holstenwall gives game-masters an entirely new world for their Estate agents to explore.  And more Holstenwall is coming in July!
  • Oh, there's also a little article by James Walls about exploring Cypher Space.  It's kinda cool… 
  • All this as well as Monte Cook Games product previews, fan relations news, and upcoming events!
Okay, the shout-outs are going to continue: 

I know that my article probably needed some editing, and that's where Andrew Cady, Jeremy Land, and Brandon Ording came in to clean up my mess (I'm sure the rest of the articles were in good shape!)  

Ryan Chaddock was the Art Director.  The cover art was done by Jeff Brown.  Logos and banner head were created by John Scott.  Additional interior art was provided by Avery Liell-Kok, Ryan Wolfe, and SS Dabiz.  

But I have to take a moment to give a very special thank you to CypherCaster Magazine mastermind and Publisher David Wilson Brown for putting this incredible team together.  Hat's off sir!  What an outstanding job!  

*     *     *

So does all this sound good to you?  Great!  You can pick up Issue 1 of CypherCaster Magazine on DriveThruRPG… just click here!  

If you like what you find please leave us a review, and keep on the lookout for Issue 2, coming out later this summer.

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