Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Gaming 2015

Happy holidays fellow gamers!

While I've been quiet this week on Living 4 Crits, our family has been crazy busy celebrating.  We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice last weekend, and then spent Christmas with my parents in Delaware.  Santa brought a lot of great presents for the kiddos, but I think they preferred the gifts that Captain Phasma delivered in her First Order shuttle...

This was a fun gift to get into the kids' hands.  Even my wife didn't know that I was letting them have Disney Infinity 3.0, so it was up to me to do the planning... scary!  
I placed a silver wrapped gift behind one of my parents' blinds, that just read "To: Evie, From: Captain Phasma."  When she opened the gift there was a Kylo Ren mask inside.  I told Evie to wear the mask and follow me into my parents' sun room. There, on the floor, was another silver gift: Disney Infinity 3.0.  Evie carried the wrapped gift into the living room so everyone could join in opening the next present from Captain Phasma.  
So the kids were thrilled, and believed that they were just getting the game...

... that's when I told them to go back in the sunroom together, where I uncovered all of the Star Wars figures available for the game.

Sure, the kids will have a great time playing with these figures on the Xbox 360, but I'll probably us them for some tabletop gaming.  The 2.0 figures made great mini's, so I expect no less with these figures.  

After presents and brunch, the family settled in for a long day of hanging out with new toys and presents.  Along with the Star Wars toys and Legos, I got Evie a few items for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.  She got a Star Viper as well as another TIE/fo for when we set up some Force Awakens missions.  Not to be outdone, with an gift card I picked up a new T-70 X-Wing, on top of a bunch of Edge of the Empire books...

... and Age of Rebellion... 

... yes, the post Star Wars Episode 7 bug is completely consuming me.

Evie also got a new Death Star play mat for our games, so we grabbed my eldest daughter Carrie and settled down for a little Christmas Day gaming!

Evie flew a trio of TIE fighters (Mauler Mithel and a pair of Academy Pilots), and Carrie had Boba Fett in Slave I.

I brought Han Solo and Chewie in the Millennium Falcon, as well as Wedge Antilles in his X-Wing.

For points, we evened out with 95 points each.

It was a fantastic battle, especially because I won!

(Seriously, how often does that happen?)

In hindsight, Evie was hamstrung by having Carrie as a partner.  While a good player on her own, Carrie wasn't communicating her movements well with Evie, and therefore kept flying off.  In their opening sequence of movements, they led their TIE's in a straight line formation, allowing me to heavily damage one of them, before turning Han and Wedge on Slave I.

By the time Mauler Mithel shot down Wedge Antilles, the battle was already won... Carrie and Evie just didn't realize that the tides had turned.  Although one ship down, the kids' ships were all seriously damaged, with two (including Slave I), barely keeping it together.  Han and Chewie finished off all four of the Imperial vessels one after the other.

Carrie left the table as soon as Slave I was destroyed.  But Evie hung on until the end, donning her Kylo Ren mask in tribute to the fallen.

All in all we had a fantastic Christmas Day, and are incredibly excited for the rest of the Holiday season.  I've got a Cypher System Fantasy game scheduled for Tuesday, and Carrie and I are running a Dungeon Crawl Classics Star Wars tournament funnel called "Wrath of the Gungan Hordes" next Saturday.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I need to squeeze in a little Star Wars: Edge of the Empire as well... as the Force continues to call to me.  I spent much of today reading "Lords of Nal Hutta", and am ready for a Hutt based adventure!

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