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Villainous Scum - Cypher System Pre-Gens

Dimensional Timeship Map by Chris West!

Ready to Play

Last week I shared my conversion notes for running Star Wars with the Cypher System.  This week we're going to the next level… or should I say "tier!"  

I'm preparing for this weekend's Cypher System Star Wars adventure, and I promised my players a team of hot-shot bounty hunters.  Going through both my notes and the Cypher System Rulebook, I crafted six unique characters, each unique with an interesting backstory.  

In this post I'm sharing these builds!

So without further ado, I bring you one of the Empire's most trusted crew of hired guns, infiltrators, and dark side mystics…

… the Villainous Scum!

*     *     *

Commander Dragoon

  • "Unit Commander"
  • Honorable Speaker who Hunts with Great Skill
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 12 (0)
    • Speed 14 (1)
    • Intellect 14 (1)
  • Abilities
    • Encouragement
    • Medium Weapon Training
    • Terrifying Presence
    • Understanding
    • Practiced in Armor (Tier 2)
    • Skills: Initiative (Tier 2)
  • Advancement
    • Recovery Roll +1 (Tier 1)
  • Connection
    • An ominous operative of the Emperor insisted that she bring Seraph into her team.
  • Secret
    • Entire family was on Alderaan when it was destroyed
  • Equipment
    • Blaster Carbine (Medium), Vibroknife (Light), Hold Out Blaster (Light), Scout Armor (Light), Commlink, Backpack, Droid Restraining Bolt, VT-49 Decimator 

Born to a wealthy family on Alderaan, Liatta Meir had the finest upbringing, but was still a very rebellious child. Her mother, was a worlds-renowned dancer, and her father an aristocratic landowner. Liatta was forced to attend grand balls and festivals during her youth, but she preferred to be outdoors, racing through the forests on speederbikes, and exploring her beautiful homeworld. Liatta knew that upon finishing her education, an arranged marriage awaited. So she ran away.

Buying into the Holonet propaganda about the Empire, Liatta signed up. After serving six years as an Imperial Stormtrooper and Scout, Lt. Liatta Meir was honorably discharged. At this time she was a proud Imperial supporter, who saw the good works done following the end of the Clone Wars and the galactic reorganization and reformations. Liatta relished her time spent as an Imperial Scout, so after a six month break from the action, she returned to Imperial services as a contractor.

As a bounty hunter, Liatta gained a reputation for having a strict code of conduct. Although she was not afraid to pull a blaster trigger, often she was able to bring in a mark through a simple conversation. Liatta’s first few missions were not significant, but eventually she started turning a profit and began seeking other associates. To protect her past, and add a shroud of mystery, she had her name buried within the Imperial records and just started going by “Commander Dragoon.” Her unit had the Imperial contract code VS-9791-A.

After bringing on Gann, Mist, and L-7S, Commander Dragoon’s accolades started to grow. She signed an exclusive deal with the Empire, essentially becoming a permanent contractor, and was awarded a vessel much finer than the junk-heap YT-1300 she had been flying: a VT-49 Decimator. The day that she took owner ship of the VT-Decimator was the same day that her homeworld of Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star.

She named her new vessel “The Last Dance.”

L-7S ("El Sevs")

  • "Pilot Droid"
  • Artificially Intelligent Explorer who Pilots Starcraft
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 15 (2)
    • Speed 17 (2)
    • Intellect 9 (0)
  • Abilities
    • Extra Edge
    • No Need for Weapons
    • Endurance
    • Physical Skills (Climbing, Lifting)
    • Quick Recovery (Tier 2)
    • Skill with Defense: Speed (Tier 2)
  • Advancement
    • Skill Training: Piloting (Tier 1)
  • Connection
    • Purchased by Dragoon at an auction on Corellia
  • Secret
    • Recording everything to report to Imperial Command, who planted L-7S in the first place.
  • Equipment
    • Shockstaff (Medium), Commlink (Internal), Medpac

Although the Empire has much faith in the service of Commander Dragoon, it is always wise to keep an eye on even the most loyal of associates. This remains L-7S’s primary mission while in the service of Commander Dragoon. L-7S, commonly referred to as “El Sevs”, has the appearance of being an amalgamation of many different droid parts, assembled by a mercenary company on Nar Shadaa.

Not quite a battle droid, nor protocol droid, L-7S bears parts from at least fifty original droids. After serving several dozen years in Hutt Space, L-7S was sold to an Outer Rim slave colony as “hired muscle” for another decade. When the slavers didn’t pay their required bribes to Imperial inspectors, their assets were taken, including L-7S. Eventually L-7S was given new orders, this time by an Imperial operative who saw value in the unique droid’s capabilities.

L-7S would be planted at a Corellian droid auction, with the knowledge that Commander Dragoon was looking for just such an asset. Although L-7S appears to serve the commander loyally, its first duty is to record and report all happenings within the Villainous Scum.


  • "Clawdite Bounty Hunter"
  • Mad Explorer (Stealth) who Moves Like a Cat
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 13 (1)
    • Speed 15 (0)
    • Intellect 7 (1)
  • Abilities
    • Decipher
    • Practiced in Armor
    • Block
    • Stealth Skills: Disguise, Stealth
    • Escape (Tier 2)
    • Eye for Detail (Tier 2)
  • Advancement
    • Skill Training: Disguise (Tier 1)
  • Connection
    • Mist’s last mark was Rondi’s slave master Wiles Biff. Mist then introduced Rondi to Dragoon.   
  • Secret
    • Sitting on a very lucrative offer to betray the Villainous Scum to the Rebellion.
  • Equipment
    • Blaster Carbine (Medium), Vibrosword (Medium), Scout Armor (Light), Restraining Cord, Commlink

The origin of Mist is something of a mystery. Imperial records reveal very little on Mist’s life and career. What is known is that Mist has lived many, many lives, if but for the briefest of moments. A clawdite shapeshifter, Mist can take the face of just about any humanoid, male or female. Perhaps Mist has taken on the lives of too many individuals, for there is nothing of Mist’s original self that remains. Even Mist cannot remember Mist’s own origin.

Commander Dragoon first met Mist during an operation on the Death Star bringing down an internal black market amongst the contractor groups. The commander was an Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant at the time. Commander Dragoon realized Mist’s potential at the time, so years later after crossing paths, she invited the Clawdite to join the Villainous Scum.

Gann Arrok

  • "Tech Specialist"
  • Inquisitive Adept (Tech) who Works the System
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 9 (0)
    • Speed 13 (0)
    • Intellect 20 (2)
  • Abilities
    • Practiced with Light Weapons
    • Datajack
    • Scan
    • Tech Skills: Slicing Computers, Repairing
    • Serv-O (Tier 2)
    • Serv-O Defense (Tier 2)
  • Advancement
    • Tinker (Tier 1)
  • Connection
    • Saved the life of Mist during their last mission, bravely running into a burning speeder moments before it exploded.
  • Secret
    • Rebel turncoat. After capture he surrendered dozens of important Rebel secrets to the Empire in return for mercy. Wife and daughter in “protective custody” now.
  • Equipment
    • Hold Out Blaster (Light), Commlink, Toolkit, Satchel of Spare Droid Parts

Ever the follower, Gann Arrok found himself in the service of the Rebel Alliance by accident. The Coruscant native and information broker traded mostly in bank accounts, and he never asked questions as to where the stolen money was going. By the time he realized that he was funneling cash from Core World businesses to the Rebels, it was too late to turn back. He half-heartedly gave in to Rebel demands to continue working against the Empire, and did so for just a few months before his capture. Gann paid the Imperials with information that most likely cost the Rebllion several hundred lives, and countless credits.

Upon his release, Gann was pointed towards Commander Dragoon and essentially ordered to sign on with the bounty hunter. Gann was the commander’s first hire. He was also the one credited for the company’s name, the “Villainous Scum.” During an interview with Commander Dragoon, after seeing the Imperial Contract Code he remarked “What does VS stand for? Villainous Scum?” The nickname kept getting used, so it stuck.


  • "Dark Side Force Adept"
  • Cruel Adept who Focuses Mind over Matter
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 10 (0)
    • Speed 11 (0)
    • Intellect 19 (2)
  • Abilities
    • Onslaught
    • Force Training (In Place of Magic Training)
    • Far Step
    • Push
    • Mind Reading (Tier 2)
    • Stasis (Tier 2)
  • Advancement
    • Shatter (Tier 1)
  • Connection
    • Rondi remembers, as a child-slave in the Outer Rim, serving a master who also owned L-7S.  
  • Secret
    • As payment for a decade of service to the Villainous Scum, Rondi asked for one thing: the living body of a Sith devotee frozen in carbonite. The commander accepted the terms, and the body of this “Urso Nocturne” is kept in Rondi’s cabin on the Last Dance.
  • Equipment
    • Robes, Sith Holocron, Bone Necklace

Born into bondage on the isolated, Outer Rim world of Thiir, Rondi has known little kindness during her short eighteen years of life. As soon as she was seven years old, Rondi was taken from her mother and sent into the mines. Thiir is an archaeological world, and its mines serve not to unearth raw materials, but relics from ages past. One of these relics would change Rondi forever: an ancient Sith Holocron, bearing precious but few mysteries of the Dark Side of the Force. The young but brilliant Rondi found a means of unlocking the secrets through a jury-rigged data slate she stole from one of the Archaeologists.

Over the course of several years she became a novice initiate in the Force on her own, while still serving her master, Wiles Biff. Rondi would eventually learn that many of the other Sith relics discovered were being sold to a man named Urso Nocturne, and that this man knew much in the ways of the Dark Side. But her attempts to speak with him, to get him to reveal the secrets and take her from her own personal hell were all rebuked.

Eventually Wiles Biff crossed the wrong Hutt, and Mist showed up to collect his body. The carbonite chamber served Mist well, as it did Rondi, who found a way to lure, capture, and imprison Urso Nocturne. Revealing herself to the bounty hunter as a potential asset, Rondi found an audience with Commander Dragoon, and soon a place on the Last Dance. This was barely a month ago.


  • "Wayward Force User"
  • Doomed Warrior who Sees Beyond
    • Tier 2
    • Effort 2, XP 1
  • Stat Pool (Edge)
    • Might 16 (2)
    • Speed 15 (2)
    • Intellect 10 (1)
  • Abilities
    • Physical Skills: Jumping, Balancing
    • Trained Without Armor
    • Extra Edge
    • Overwatch
    • Skill with Attacks: Heavy Ranged (2nd Tier)
    • Skill with attacks: Light Melee (2nd Tier)
  • Advancement
    • Skill Training: Force Understanding
  • Connection
    • Received his Light Saber from Gann Arrok, who acquired it on the black market.
  • Secret
    • Escaped youngling from the Jedi Temple massacre who longs for revenge against the Emperor and is willing to pay with his life.
  • Equipment

Seraph was raised in the Force. He was taught by the greatest Jedi of all time. Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda. These great figures still haunt his dreams… and nightmares. On the night that Anakin Skywalker came to the Jedi Temple, there were few spared his hateful wrath. Seraph was one of those few. Only seven at the time, Seraph became a street-rat in the hive-like lower levels of Coruscant. He never considered leaving the Empire’s capital, since he figured that the safest place to hide would be right under the Emperor’s nose.

While Seraph was gifted with Force senses, without the proper training he became wayward in his studies. By his fifteenth birthday, Seraph’s anger and hatred fueled his inevitable turn to the Dark Side. To survive in the streets, Seraph used his Force powers to gain entry into a local Swoop Gang. Caught up in greed and fueled by his belief that he was living on borrowed time, Seraph’s Force use became more and more overt as he moved up in the Swoop Gang.

Eventually, the long arm of the Empire caught up with him… but not in the way he expected. Arrested for the murder of a rival gang member, Seraph found himself in a Coruscant prison. For two years he was kept in solitary confinement until an Imperial Operative offered Seraph the opportunity to change his destiny. "We know what you are capable of, and this is why you live. Serve the Emperor, and you will be allowed to continue living.”

Seraph agreed, was freed from prison, and turned over to Commander Dragoon.

*     *     *

There you have it: six characters, almost ready to go.  Just give them some cyphers, and a character sheet, and you can join along in our weekend of Star Wars gaming.  Please share any thoughts or comments on these designs, and if you have suggestions let me know.  My ulterior motive in spending so much time with these pre-gens was that it would give me characters for a potential "convention style" adventure in the future… 

… perhaps Gen Con 2016!  

By the way, if you like that small snip of Chris West's Dimensional Timeship Map, you can get your own here!

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