Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Growing up Geek

As much as I try to be the best parent that I can be, as a gamer-dad I sometimes feel insecure in the value of my contributions.  Other dads out there teach their children about sports and coach soccer, or let their sons and daughters help with changing the oil in the car.  That’s just not me.  Ask my wife, I can’t fix anything.

When the dad across the street was building a treehouse for his two children, I was busy building a Grass/Metal deck so that I could teach my eldest daughter how to play Pokemon.  I don’t know if this means I am a good parent or not.  On one hand I’m constantly thrilled by the cool life lessons I can impart to my children through competitive tabletop gaming.  I enjoy watching all three of my kids consistently challenge themselves, whether they are playing Portal 2, Minecraft, Terraria, or a web-based math-program through school.  I also love sitting down at a table as a family, and telling our cooperative stories as we play Savage Worlds, Numenera, and The Strange.  

I often I wonder about the real world lessons that my wife and I are teaching our three amazing kids.  How are they benefitting from what we teach?  I don’t have the answer.  This hasn’t stopped me from hoping that these little lessons are instilling a magical spark in my children that will benefit them in the long years to come.  

Last April I put together a short montage on Facebook, a photo album called “Growing Up Geek” that was a tribute to our family’s “nerdy-lifestyle” over the years.   It needed a little editing, and a few more pictures, but I created it to be something special that perhaps I’d share with my daughters and son when they are older.  

Today I’d like to share it with you…

*     *     *

Growing up Geek

Growing up Geek means that an adventure is always waiting for you …

… quite possibly in your very own living room...  

… or even in your dining room with all your favorite pals!

It means playing with your Daddy’s funny toys and silly dice when you are little…

… and still playing with them when you’re older.

Growing up Geek means that you are part of an imaginative and vibrant group of people

… many of whom even show up at your house!

… it means your Daddy probably dresses a bit differently from other daddies

… and might read you some crazy bedtime stories…

… but he will always love you for who you are…

… and who you will become.

Growing up Geek means lots and lots of trips to renaissance festivals…

… and having to be careful when playing around all of daddy’s magic books.

It means that you might have a special stuffy waiting for you to finally hatch… 

… and you probably get some special Christmas presents over time.

Growing up Geek most certainly means that you get to be whoever you want for Halloween

Growing up Geek means your Daddy will always remember the very first time you sat down to play his favorite game together…

… and when you started creating your own crazy characters and adventures… 

… and when you became an enchanted storyteller all by yourself.

Growing up Geek means you are allowed to be as silly as you want...

… or as serious as necessary to win!

But never forget the only lesson you must learn from Growing up Geek.  

Childhood eventually fades away,  

 and you may feel a bit different from others around you.

This is only because you are so very special.

While some daddies help their children grow up ...

… your Daddy knew that it was far more exciting and wonderful...
… to never grow up at all.

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