Thursday, March 5, 2015

Living 4 Crits - Putting our Gamer Family on YouTube!

We Have a YouTube Channel!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen… you can now watch Living 4 Crits on your TV, computer, or smart-phone!

I’ve had a terrific year writing this blog, and I greatly appreciate all of the wonderful feedback, stories, and suggestions that my readers have shared each week.  While I have no intention of slowing down, I wanted to get my family more involved in the process.  After all, for me, my wife, and my children the true definition of “Living for Crits” is spending quality time together by embracing creativity and imagination.  

Or, to put it another way: “Min-maxing each day as a family!  

But what to do?  

I already had this blog, and although I flirted with starting a podcast, that’s just not me.  We needed to go bigger!  My daughter Carrie had been asking for quite some time to expand her own presence on social media.  Specifically, she was interested in creating a YouTube account.  Given her interest, and my own search for another creative outlet, Carrie and I decided to co-host a YouTube show:  

Living 4 Crits (aka James August Walls working on that part...)

Our goal on Living 4 Crits will be to showcase and discuss all of our favorite games, from role-playing games to video games.  We may even discuss how different kinds of games may interact.

Ever consider mixing concepts from Terraria into your Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign?  

Why not!?!

We will definitely be exploring the differences in gaming culture across our two represented generations… or more if I could talk a grandparent into showing up on the show!  Actually, after shooting only a few episodes I’ve learned quite a lot about the generational differences between my daughter and myself.  For you as a viewer, this means you’ll regularly receive two distinct viewpoints on the topics we discuss.

In addition we will share how we game as a family, and give tips, tricks, and examples of how you too can come to the table with your children and/or parents.  

If you haven’t stumbled across our channel yet, we’ve filmed four videos so far:

  • Episode 0: A very rough introduction, more of a test really to see that we could pull this off!
  • Numenera  Strand:  Our support for the recent (and fully funded) Kickstarter.
  • Old School’s in Session:  A look at what the term “Old School” means to an 11 year old versus a 35 year old.  
  • Creepers Bunnies and Cyphers:  We discussed the games we've played in the past week, including Minecraft, King of Tokyo, and Numenera.

We promise there will be more to come:  vlogs, reviews, actual plays, commentary, and more!  We are also planning some collaboration with another YouTuber, my incredible cousin and avid gamer Beanie Bambino!  If you have any suggestions, or would like to see us discuss specific topics or types of games, please let us know.  

If you enjoy what you see, be sure to like and subscribe.

We’ll be seeing you on the big screen!

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