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Savage Princess Bride - Character Builds

Help wanted!

I had an incredible time running Savage Worlds at Gen Con last year, so when event registration opened up back in January I was incredibly excited to sign up.  As I've learned from reading about other Savage Game Masters, conventions are a great venue for creative and delightfully unusual adventure concepts.  Since I attempted to run a horror game at last year's event, I thought I'd switch gears and run something light and comedic for Gen Con 2015: Savage Princess Bride!

"After the Princess bride" takes place immediately after the movie ends.  The adventure outline was written before I registered the event, and I have some pretty cool twists up my sleeve for this fun and lively romp through Florin.  Last weekend I started working on character creation…

… and that's where you come in!  

I'd really like to run some of these character concepts and builds past all you incredible Savages.  Take a look, give me some feedback, good or bad, and tell me some of the stuff you'd tweak or change.  I really want to make this adventure awesome, and would love your assistance!  If you enjoy the builds, please feel free to try them at home.  After the convention, I'll see about posting my adventure outline for others to use… including some of the crazy twists!

Our Cast

Buttercup - Commoner Princess

Strong willed, fearless, and incredibly poised under pressure, Buttercup has dealt with a lot of emotional hardship over the last few days, and is ready to take the lead now that her true love is injured.  Whereas "The Princess Bride" seemed built around Westley saving Buttercup, I wanted to take the angle in this adventure of Buttercup leading the flight out of Florin.
  • Attributes:  Agility d6,  Smarts d6,  Spirit d8,  Strength d4,  Vigor d8
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  6,  Parry:  5,  Toughness:  6,  Charisma:  +2
  • Edges:  Brave, Command, Charismatic, Nerves of Steel, Inspire
  • Hindrances:  Bad Luck, Wanted (minor)
  • Skills:  Fighting d6,  Persuasion d8,  Shooting d8,  Notice d6,  Swimming d6,  Riding d6

Westley - The Dread Pirate Roberts

Creating a Savage Worlds character that can best a duelist, wrestle a giant, and outwit a mastermind seemed daunting, until I figured out an end-around: bennies.  Who says that Westley has to be faster, stronger, or smarter… maybe he's just lucky?  Coupled with Elan, Westley always has the opportunity to come out ahead when relying on chance.  
  • Attributes:  Agility d8,  Smarts d6,  Spirit d6,  Strength d8,  Vigor d8
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  4,  Parry:  6,  Toughness:  6,  Charisma:  0
  • Edges:  Danger Sense, Luck, Elan, Great Luck
  • Hindrances:  Lame*, Heroic*
  • Skills:  Fighting d8,  Notice d6,  Stealth d6,  Taunt d6,  Boating d6,  Swimming d6,  Climbing d6
* For the purposes of this convention game, I'm allowing Westley to have two major hindrances.

Inigo Montoya - Spaniard

I wanted to completely maximize the duelist capabilities of Savage Worlds, so I chose edges and skills that matched Inigo's fighting style in the movie.  While I was tempted to make Inigo ambidextrous ("I am not left-handed") there really was no benefit to doing this in the game… besides, the character admits that he is still better with his right.
  • Attributes:  Agility d10,  Smarts d6,  Spirit d6,  Strength d6,  Vigor d6
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  6,  Parry:  7,  Toughness:  5,  Charisma:  0
  • Edges:  Trademark Weapon, Frenzy, Acrobat, Dodge, Counterattack
  • Hindrances:  Overconfident, Death Wish, Enemy (minor)
  • Skills:  Fighting d10,  Intimidation d6,  Notice d6,  Tracking d6,  Stealth d10,  Swimming d4

Fezzik - Giant

Okay, I'll admit that this one was easy.  A big, tough, bruiser with a heart of gold.  
  • Attributes:  Agility d6,  Smarts d4,  Spirit d6,  Strength d12,  Vigor d10
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  6,  Parry:  6,  Toughness:  8,  Charisma:  0
  • Edges:  Brawny, Brawler, Martial Arts
  • Hindrances:  Clueless, Loyal, Pacifist (minor)
  • Skills:  Fighting d8,  Intimidation d6,  Notice d4,  Climbing d10,  Throwing d8

Miracle Max - Miracle Worker

The first four characters were easy to choose from, but coming up with "5" and "6" was tough at first… until I remembered Max and Valerie.  For Miracle Max, I plan on using the Alchemy rules from Accursed, which gives him four starting powers.  I haven't chosen those yet, but am open to suggestions!
  • Attributes:  Agility d6,  Smarts d12,  Spirit d8,  Strength d6,  Vigor d4
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  5,  Parry:  4,  Toughness:  4,  Charisma:  -2
  • Edges:  Arcane Background (Alchemy), Power Points, New Power, New Power
  • Hindrances:  Elderly, Hard of Hearing (minor), Ugly
  • Skills:  Fighting d4,  Notice d10,  Alchemy d12, Knowledge (Arcana) d10, Investigation d8, Streetwise d8

Valerie - Not a Witch

She might say that she's not a witch, but I gave Valerie the Arcane Background (Witchcraft) from Accursed.  Despite being the typical "spellcaster" I think that this character's hindrances will open a lot of doors for role-play, especially during social interaction.  Personally, I think this character will be the most fun at the table!  As with Max, I haven't picked powers yet, but would love to hear your thoughts!
  • Attributes:  Agility d4,  Smarts d8,  Spirit d10,  Strength d4,  Vigor d8
  • Rank:  Seasoned (20 xp)
  • Pace:  6,  Parry:  4,  Toughness:  6,  Charisma:  -2
  • Edges:  Arcane Background (Witchcraft), Power Points, New Power, Beast Master
  • Hindrances:  Curious, Big Mouth, Mean
  • Skills:  Fighting d4,  Notice d8, Witchcraft d10, Knowledge (Nature) d8, Healing d8, Survival d8
*     *     *

As you can see I still have far to go, including equipment, powers, and some more fine tuning.  Again, if you have any suggestions please send them my way!  

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