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Savage Bedtime Story - Disney's The Last Parsec - Session 4

Another Rack Time Mission

After nearly two months of playing other games, on Wednesday night we returned to our Disney inspired, Savage Worlds - The Last Parsec campaign.  The kids were excited, since we ended the last adventure on a cliffhanger, with Commander Fredrickson, Experiment 626, Wall-E and Eve interacting with a strange and foreign robot near a crashed, red starship.  In that two month period, however, we kicked off our Living 4 Crits YouTube channel, and we figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show the world how to have a quality RPG session in just thirty minutes!  

As usual, this blog post features the post-game play report, but also some of the mechanics from the game.  I've included stats for Cactuars, as well as the builds for all of the characters in the game.  

In case you missed the video, here's you go.  For the sake of time, I trimmed all of the gaps, delivering just under fifteen minutes of bedtime story gaming.

The JumpCorp Operatives

  • Ellie Frederickson, Commander, played by Jen (Mommy)
  • Eve, Probe Robot, played by Carrie
  • Stitch, Experimental Security Officer, played by Evie
  • Wall-E, Waste Disposal Robot, played by Coopee

Session 4 - A Prickly Problem

This is part two of an adventure featuring the brave crew of the JumpCorp vessel Quorra.  If you would like to read part one, please follow this link.

Now that the JumpCorp operatives knew that the robotic probe was not a threat, Eve opened communications with the construct.  The robot introduced itself as Cid, and stated that its crew was still trapped in stasis, and had been so for quite some time.  During a mission, the human crewmembers acquired several members of a dangerous alien species from the planet Sabotender, and the aliens got free while the vessel was in flight.  Cid asked the JumpCorp operatives if they could assist in ridding the ship of the alien.

Commander Ellie agreed to the mission and led her team onto the craft.  Wall-E was the first to enter.  The brave little robot carefully "tiptoed" on his treads into the cargo bay of the massive red ship.  Commander Ellie was close behind, but only a few steps into the vessel she and her crew were beset upon by four, cactus-humanoid hybrids! 


The first cactuar charged Stitch, laid a devastating strike into the experiment's belly.  Stitch was able to roll with the spikey punch, taunt the creatures, and then return a claw of his own in retaliation.  Commander Ellie drew her molecular blade and started slashing in defence, while Wall-E scratched the eyes of another cactuar.  All this time Eve was attempting to use her blaster arm to shoot one of the aliens, but couldn't land a shot.  Eve ended up using her intimidating, electronic stare to frighten off one of the cactuars.

When one of the cactuars nearly yanked Wall-E's eye from its mechanical socket, the little yellow and grey robot got serious.  Wall-E reached into the Coleman cooler he had on his back, and pulled out a gunblade!  Shooting and slashing, Wall-E cut down the last remaining cactuar. 

Once all of the cactuars were defeated, or scared away, Eve quickly made her way to the crew quarters on the craft.  There were four individuals in stasis, and the scout robot disengaged all of their hibernations.  The crew introduced themselves as Quistis, Zell, Rinoa, and Squall, and they stated that their ship was the Ragnarok.  Commander Squall gave the JumpCorp operatives his thanks, and the crew of the Quorra departed the small, drifting world.  

New Mechanics

Cactuar (from the Final Fantasy series)

Attributes:  Agility d8,  Smarts d4,  Spirit d8,  Strength d10,  Vigor d6

Skills:  Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d4

Pace:  6
Parry:  6
Toughness:  6(1)

Gear:  None

Special Abilities:

  • Armor +1:  Because cactuars have some tough cactus hide!
  • Green Screen Terror:  Cactuars are especially terrifying when they pass in front of a green screen… since they just look like walking spikes!  If this should happen, and they are seen on a view screen, there should be an immediate Spirit roll at a -2 penalty to not quake in fear!
  • Spiked Charge:  cactuar who charges at least 6” before attacking can add +2 damage to the attack.
  • Spiky Mits:  Str +1d8 damage

Character Builds

In case you missed my first post about the blending of Savage Worlds The Last Parsec with Disney Animation, here are the builds for my family's characters:

Ellie Fredrickson - Commander

A Cloned Human from the world of Epcot, Ellie's original DNA came from an adventurous woman who lived in the 20th century.  She commonly proclaims "adventure is out there!"  Played by my wife, Jen.  

  • Attributes:  Agility: d10,  Smarts: d6,  Spirit: d8,  Strength: d4,  Vigor: d6
  • Edges:  Ace, Luck, Charismatic, Great Luck
  • Hindrances:  Curious, Stubborn, Big Mouth
  • Skills:  Piloting: d10, Shooting: d8, Fighting: d6, Persuasion: d8, Knowledge Computers: d4, Knowledge Navigation: d6, Notice: d6
  • Signature Gear:  Laser Pistol, Molecular Knife, An ancient book titled "My Adventure Book."

Eve - Probe Robot

An energetic construct on loan from Buy 'n' Large, Eve was created in the great ark-ship the Axiom, and served several centuries helping with cleanup operations on Earth.  Played by Carrie.   

  • Attributes:  Agility: d8,  Smarts: d8,  Spirit: d6,  Strength: d4,  Vigor: d6
  • Edges:  Construct, Geared Up
  • Hindrances:  Owned (out of Interface Zero 2.0), Pacifist (Minor), Loyal (to the ship)
  • Skills:  Notice: d8, Intimidation: d4, Investigation: d6, Knowledge Biology: d6, Knowledge Computers: d8, Shooting: d8, Repair: d8, Tracking: d6, Stealth: d4, Fighting: d4
  • Signature Mods:  Flight, Sensor Suite, Armor

Stitch - Experimental Security Officer

Eventually becoming naughty enough to get arrested by the Galactic Federation, Stitch was placed in a cryo-prison and forgotten for centuries.  Recently he performed his "great escape" during a botched prisoner transfer.  Played by Evie

  • Attributes:  Agility: d8,  Smarts: d6,  Spirit: d6,  Strength: d10,  Vigor: d8
  • Edges:  Arcane Background: Supers Power (Environmental Protection)
  • Hindrances:  Wanted (Major), Mean, Phobia (Minor - Water)
  • Skills:  Fighting: d8, Throwing: d6, Healing: d6, Shooting: d6, Piloting: d6, Repair: d4, Survival: d6, Taunt: d4
  • Experiment 626:  Built as a new alien species.  Wall Walker (+1), Toughness x2 (+2), Small (-1).  

Wall-E - Waste Disposal Robot

This little "Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class" was quite distressed when his favorite robot, Eve, went off to work for JumpCorp.  So he stowed away on Quorra to be with his friend.  Played by my 4 year old son Cooper.  

  • Attributes:  Agility: d8,  Smarts: d6,  Spirit: d6,  Strength: d6,  Vigor: d6
  • Edges:  Construct
  • Hindrances:  None
  • Skills:  Notice: d6,  Fighting: d6,  Repair: d6,  Taunt: d6,  Knowledge Computers: d6,  Knowledge Planetology: d6,  Locksmithing: d8,  Stealth: d8,  Throwing: d8
  • Signature Gear:  Fire Extinguisher and a Ninja Sword (still shaking my head over this)

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