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Savage Worlds - Weird Wars Rome - Caesar Ascending - Session 3

August 52 BC, Alesia, Gaul

Adventure Summary:

Following their vicious battle with the Lady of the Fang's wolves, Paulus' unit was in serious need of healing.  Using all of her remaining strength, Aurelia managed to say a few prayers to Mithras so that both she and Paulus would be able to function despite their very serious wounds.  It was night on top of Mt. Rea, and the five members of the Twilight Legion needed a way to get off of the great hill and return to the rest of Caesar's forces.  Paulus led the team back down the mountain trail towards Ateria, but when the sound of wolves howls echoed through the hills in front of the unit, the decanus decided to break away from the main trail and head north down path less traveled.  At the base of the mountain was rocky valley, and even though it was difficult, the team was still able to get a few of their horses through, especially Xarax who was not about to leave his prize animal behind.

Once free of the mountains, and en route to the Roman fortifications, the party saw a horrific sight ahead.  Under the moonlight the legionary unit saw the utter defeat of Caesar's forces at the front lines.  The cavalry forces of Vercingetorix smashed directly into the Romans along a 3 mile front, supported by infantry units.  But it would be the northern flank that would be the site of the most horrific combat, as 1,000 wolf men and 250 wolves of war chewed through ten thousand Roman infantry alone.  Caesar's legion managed to fight through the lupine army, and make it back to one of the northern fortifications in order to lick it's wounds, but to Paulus and his forces, the battle looked lost. 

By the time Paulus and his unit reached the northern Roman encampment they had to make their way through hundreds of wounded legionaries and auxilia.  Hoping to make contact with another member of the Twilight Legion, the team linked up with Centurion Lentilus, a direct report to Caesar and a member of the Cult of Mithras himself.  Lentilus appreciated Paulus' report on the werewolves, and showed the party that he had been working with several Greek scholars on how to penetrate the hide of the foul beasts.  When Paulus' team suggested "fire", Lentilus had the theory successfully tested.  Fire would defend the walls of the encampment to be sure, but there would not be enough to turn the tide of battle back in the Romans' favor.  More intelligence was necessary to truly combat the supernatural horrors of the Gauls. 

Decanus Paulus took command of his unit yet again and set out in the middle of the night for the Gallic encampments.  Under cover of darkness the members of the Twilight Legion crept up a small river towards one of Gaul's forces guarding the rear of Vercingetorix's army.  Paulus had the rest of his unit stay back to create a distraction, and single-handedly snuck into the encampment, found a drunken Gallic sergeant, and returned him back to the river, while Matityahu created a distraction by sending several horses in the opposite direction.  Once back at the Roman encampment the Gallic sergeant was interrogated.  Aurelia and Paulus played "good legionary/bad legionary" with the prisoner, and were able to learn that the source of the Lady of the Fang's power was most likely the temple of standing stones itself, where the unit of Twilight Legionaries had first battled the werewolves.  If the druid's shrine could be destroyed, it could completely stop the wolves, and therefore end Vercingetorix's advantage.  When Paulus reported this back to Lentilus, the Centurion gave the decanus a promotion and his own century.  It was time to take the fight to the Lady of the Fang!


"Frank would split the party right here." - Craig citing the obvious

Craig:  "Can we scare the horses?"
Brian:  "That'd be easy to do… I can just spear them."

"I'm about ready to call M.A.D. over here!" - Aurelia referring to Manicus.   

Cast of Characters:

Paulus Treblanus Epolonius - Decanus, Seasoned
- Agility: d6,  Smarts: d8,  Spirit: d8,  Strength: d8,  Vigor: d6
- Edges:  Rank, Shield Wall, Command, Arcane Background: Cult of Mithras
- Hindrances:  Code of Honor, Loyal, Vow: Twilight Legion
- Skills:  Fighting d8, Throwing d6, Knowledge: Battle d6, Intimidate d6, Faith d6, Survival d4, Stealth d6
- Powers:  Smite, Healing

Manicus Atilus Damaticus- Roman Legionary, Seasoned
- Agility: d6,  Smarts: d6,  Spirit: d6,  Strength: d8,  Vigor: d10
- Edges:  Brawny, Shield Wall, Berserk, Counterattack
- Hindrances:  Touched, Shirker, Death Wish
- Skills:  Fighting d12, Throwing d8, Notice d4, Swimming d4, Climbing d6, Riding d4

Aurelia - Priestess of Mithras, Seasoned
- Agility: d8,  Smarts: d8,  Spirit: d10,  Strength: d4,  Vigor: d6
- Edges:  Arcane Background: Cult of Mithras, Power Points, New Power
- Hindrances: Small, Big Mouth, Loyal (Paulus)
- Skills:  Fighting d6, Shooting d8, Healing d6, Persuasion d8, Riding d6, Faith d10, Language (Gallic) d4
- Powers:  Healing, Fear, Stun, Boost/Lower Trait

Xarax - Auxilia Horse Thief, Seasoned
- Agility: d10,  Smarts: d8,  Spirit: d4,  Strength: d6,  Vigor: d6
- Edges:  Fleet-Footed, Marksman, Thief
- Hindrances:  Foreigner, Wanted, Delusional
- Skills:  Climbing d6, Notice d6, Riding d8, Shooting d10, Stealth d8, Tracking d6, Lockpicking d6, Fighting d4

Matityahu ben Sim'on - Ex-Gladiator, Seasoned
- Agility: d10,  Smarts: d4,  Spirit: d6,  Strength: d10,  Vigor: d6
- Edges:  Brave, First Strike, Quick, Extraction
- Hindrances:  Foreigner, Enemy (Apophis the Gladiator), Illiterate
- Skills:  Climbing d6, Fighting d10, Intimidation d6, Riding d6, Streetwise d4, Swimming d4, Throwing d10, Language (Aramaic) d4

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