Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quattro con Carnage - Creating Your Basic Fantasy RPG Character

Happy Holidays from my couch

Rolling Up in a New Character

Over the next several days my players will be generating characters for the upcoming Quattro con Carnage - Tannryth: Realm of … Something Campaign (for now we can just say "QcC:TRo…S" maybe?)  Since we're starting with Basic Fantasy RPG, that means rolling up characters the old fashioned way, and seeing what kind of options are available based on your statistics.  So while our crew starts putting together their PC's, I invite you readers to follow along, and follow in our footsteps!  

Here are those Steps

  • First, we'll be using all of the rules out of the Basic Fantasy RPG Core book, available as a free download at  Alternatively, you can purchase the print version at for under $5!  The 3rd Edition is now in print, but if you go and check out the 2nd Edition print you'll note that this is a 5 star game!
  • Second, you'll need to roll statistics.  Slight modification for this campaign:
    • As outlined in the BFRPG core book, Part 2, you're going to be rolling 3d6 for each statistic, in order.  That's right… this is going to be pretty old school!
    • The stats must be placed in the order that they are rolled.  So you may get an 18 in Strength and be like "Woot!  Fighter time!" and then realize that you have a 4 Constitution.  You've been warned!  Keep an open mind!
    • I'm not completely heartless though, I know some players really want to play a certain class and/or build.  So I'm going to allow you to roll three complete sets and then pick the one you prefer.  
  • You'll notice that in Basic Fantasy RPG, while being a very close OSR retro-clone of OD&D, you get to choose a race and class.  This is in sharp contrast to the original D&D, and many other OSR's (like Adventures in the East Mark, another game I play) that have "race as class" for Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves.   Also:
    • Halflings and Dwarves can't be Magic-Users!
    • Elves can multi-class Fighter and Magic-User
    • Don't overlook that Humans get a 10% XP bonus!
  • All characters will start at 3rd Level, but with 1st level starting funds

Optional Rules!!!

Okay, this is where we get to my favorite part of Basic Fantasy RPG:  FREE OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTS!!!

If you go to the downloads section of the Basic Fantasy RPG site you're going to see a ton of optional rules, classes, and modifications to the core game.  If you want to play the game right out of the core book you can, but maybe you want to add some of your favorite bits and pieces from fiction.  Go for it!  

For our QcC:Ro…S game (gawds that's a mouthful!) I'm going to be allowing the following optional rules and supplements:

  • Magic-User Options
    • Arcane Bolt #1 - Allows Magic-Users a simple d3 damage missile with Intelligence as a modifier
    • Bonus Spells - 3rd Edition and Pathfinder fans know what this should mean
    • Cheap Spell Transcription - Forgo the 500gp per spell level cost to transcribe new spells
    • Saving Throw Bonus - Save vs. Magic bonus based on Intelligence Modifier
    • Weapon Option #1 - Allows proficiency in additional basic weapons
    • Appendix B - Additional Gear Table
  • Thief Options
    • All options available
  • 0-Level Spells Supplement
  • Spells Supplement
  • Armor and Shields

Suggestions for "… Something"

As you may have noticed I'm still split on what the "something" is going to be for Tannryth.  Granted, I haven't really given you readers much besides a map and some really basic inspirational notes, but if anyone has a suggestion as to what this something should be, please toss it my way!  

Player Character Death!

Miss a Quattro con Carnage Post?  

All of the fun so far:


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