Monday, May 18, 2015

X-Wing Flight Report 6 - Vader Shot First

A Promise of Darth Vader

On May 4th we held a big Star Wars Day party at our house, and a few games of X-Wing were played.  During our second flight, we played with the TIE Advanced for the first time, but it was a "grown up" game, which meant no kiddos.  Evie, our resident TIE Fighter fanatic, was a little bummed that she didn't get a chance to take the TIE Advanced out for its maid voyage, so I promised that we would set up another game soon.  Last night, in a pre-bedtime battle, she had her chance!  

My eldest daughter Carrie wasn't about to be left out, and she seemed interested in trying out Boba Fett and Slave I, so I grabbed the miniatures and worked up a quick battle.  Just before we were about to play Evie asked if I was going to wear my Han Solo costume.  I picked it up a few weeks ago for a work function in Atlantic City (70's costume party… figured this was 70's enough), but I've been wearing it every chance I get for two reasons:

  1. My wife thinks I look cute wearing it.
  2. It's a friggin' Han Solo costume!

Game 10

What if Boba Fett helped Darth Vader hunt down Han Solo and Luke Skywalker?  Slave I and Vader's TIE Advanced take on the Millennium Falcon.  
  • Imperials (Carrie & Evie):  Slave I, TIE Advanced
    • Slave I:  Boba Fett
    • TIE/A:  Darth Vader
  • Rebels (Jim):  Millennium Falcon
    • Millennium Falcon:  Han Solo
      • Upgrades:  Millenium Falcon, Cluster Missiles, Marksmanship, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker
First off, if our pairings are making any of you X-Wing veterans cringe, let me apologize now. So far I've only played this game inside my family and cliques, and therefore haven't had a chance to face off with any advanced players.  Balance-wise, I think the girls only had me by 3 or 4 points, but given my choice to load the Falcon with every possible option, I thought I'd have a fighting chance.  Technically I gave Evie some advice on "how not to get shot down" mid-game, but for the most part they made their own decisions.  

I will say this:  Carrie would be absolutely devastating if she was as interested in this game as she was Minecraft!  

We started off simple enough… an open star field

The Falcon shot past Slave I and the TIE Advanced, and I took advantage of the YT-1300's ability to shoot in a 360 degree arc.  I was only able to land glancing blows on Slave I, but I caused Evie some serious distress!

The Millennium Falcon and Slave I would make several passes against each other during the night.  In hindsight I should've been keeping Boba Fett on a 90 degree angle… 

… while my 360 arc was working great on Darth Vader, it wasn't helping me at all to have Slave I directly ahead of behind.

Eventually we ended up in this crazy "loop" for a few turns.  I won't bore you with four pictures of ships trading places… but just imagine this same picture over and over again, as all three ships made a gentle turn around themselves.  Lame!

Since it was getting late, I decided to turn in towards Slave I and go for another strafe of Fett's ship.  Big mistake!  Carrie and Evie had been plotting each round, and I think they realized that I wanted to get the game moving, so they planned to have both fighters convene on my position.  Darth Vader took down the shields Chewie had just repaired, and Boba Fett destroyed the Millennium Falcon!  


Both girls were thrilled with the results of the evening.  It was a fitting end to a terrific weekend, and while I was sad that it was getting late, I knew another rematch wasn't far .  

As I packed up my gaming stuff I just sat there for a few minutes… and pondered the demise of Han, Luke, and Chewie.  What would the Rebellion be without them?  

So sad…