Thursday, July 5, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 12

I've been busy!

After yesterday's early blog post I spent a little time at work, but came home later in the afternoon and got back to painting. In just a few hours I wrapped up:

Dark Sword Miniatures Rabbit Soldier

A Reaper Bones Bat-man-thing (from the Bones III Graveyard)

A Mordheim Reiklander mercenary with a Blunderbuss (matching the previous day's offering).

So I ended up painting 4 total miniatures yesterday. Technically my only offering that's officially "Day 12" is this lone Skaven.

I enjoyed modeling this Skaven, as he has 4 total blades. So I named him Blades. He was originally just a Clanrat, so not a lot of special detail to work with, but he looks cool enough.

I tried to set up some cool action sequences for the purposes of this blog entry, but they'll look better with actual terrain. 

I also made great headway on some of the other miniatures. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll finish the Rabbit Paladin, and should knock out the Rabbit Duelist and Mouse Duelist on Saturday into Sunday. 

So... 12 days in and 18 miniatures finished. 

This has been a great challenge so far!

Show me what you got! 

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