Saturday, July 21, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 28

On the 28th day of #30Days30Miniatures I got around to painting another Warhammer Fantasy mini that's been sitting unpainted in my collection for close to eighteen years. I can't remember who this guy is, or what set he's from, but I remember purchasing him for my Mordheim gaming. 

So to celebrate, I sent him home and took his "cover shot" right in the City of the Damned! I also painted a small sarcophagus, in honor of that big creepy one that just got unearthed. 

The tough part about this crossbowman is how tight he's clinging that bow to his chest. 

Less of an issue with his back though.

Even though I only finished a couple of these miniatures today, I was also working on the crossbowman's partner, a pumpkin headed dude, a coffin with a skeleton in it, and the very first of my Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago snake men. Also played around more with the Citadel Shades, an still believe that they are way too thin for my taste.

In other #30Days30Miniatures news, I can't fit anymore completed miniatures on the first display, so I had to move over to a secondary display. Winning!

Show me your miniatures! 

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