Monday, July 16, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 23

Another couple miniatures completed for the #30Days30Miniatures challenge! A Reaper Bones skeletal/lich lord and a Reaper (pewter) Mouseling Bard. These mark my 33rd and 34th offerings to date. I didn't plan to wrap up both of these tonight, but I was a lot closer than I expected, so I thought "why not?" 

The Mouseling Bard was super, super easy to paint, especially since it didn't have any eyes to worry about!

I made the last minute decision to add some orange to the edges of the bard's shirt. Glad I did, as it added a fun little tone to what was originally a drab shirt. And what bard could be wearing a drab shirt!?

The skeletal lich lord dude was a fun paint as well. He's the main villain who will face off against my barbarian painted last week, at least that's the plan. Lots of red with this one, even on the end of the mace, as I tried to give it a bit of a glowing look. 

Another fun cloak to paint.

Let's see what you've got! 

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