Monday, July 23, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 30

... and we are done. 

We've come a long way since that very first #30Days30Miniatures post way back on June 24th. A lot of nights painting. A lot of brush cleaning. More than three or four evenings where I was trying to wrap up a figure, but really didn't want to keep going. If you've been following along since the beginning, you know that I had four rules:

  1. At the end of each day, you need to complete the painting of one miniature.
  2. Basing is optional. 
  3. It can be any miniature you want, from any game, from any system, from any manufacturer. 
  4. Partially finished miniatures in your pile are fair game. I figure that this is about finishing miniatures, and working through those pesky figures in your vault. Why not include them?
  5. Have fun!

Just as a reminder, here's what we started off with:

Now, I did have a few that were set aside for later painting, a few that were purchased along the way, and a few that were flat out casualties. Two of the WizKids mages were so frustrating to paint that I just threw them out. 

For tonight's final miniature, I felt that my last of this challenge should be a "first" from a new company: North Star Military Figures. This Snakeman Brute is from the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago line, and I have another two dozen just waiting to be painted. The details were amazing, and it was just a couple short nights to make him really pop!

I really enjoyed doing the scales. I went with two shades of green, along with a greenish shade/ink, and some yellow, along with an assortment of other colors. But seriously, this was a great time.

All in all I exceeded my goal of 30 miniatures by 16 for a grand total of 46 miniatures!

  • Reaper
    • 6 Pewter Figures
    • 10 Reaper Bones Figures
    • 10 Reaper Bones Terrain Pieces
    • 1 Plastic Wereshark
  • WizKids
    • 2 Figures
    • 3 Terrain Pieces
  • Dark Sword Miniatures
    • 6 Figures
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition 
    • 1 Figure
  • Games Workshop
    • 8 Figures
  • North Star Military Figures
    • 1 Figure

This Reaper Bones Barbarian, and the Minotaur chasing him, were two of my favorite figures of the bunch. This was my first time painting a Reaper Bones hero and I was not disappointed!  

I now have a ton of monsters to add to my collection, as well as a "Lich Lord" for some upcoming Frostgrave gaming.

These 6 completed Reaper mouselings wrap up my collection of pewter mice.

I've had these Warhammer/Mordheim miniatures form Games Workshop in my collection forever. 

My only attempt at themed basing. Sure it's just a bunch of seashells on a blue base, but it works for me.

*     *     *

So in summary this challenge helped me achieve three goals: 

First, it knocked out a whole ton of my unpainted collection. But after more miniature shopping, I now have another 50 or so figures that need to be completed, along with a crypt. But that's the thing with miniature painting: we're never truly finished. 

Second, it got me blogging again. Not just a post every month or so, but seriously blogging. These short posts were fairly easy, and I enjoyed the dialogue with all of you as you took your own journeys towards your #30Days30Miniatures challenges. I'm hoping to keep this up, both the blogging and the painting.

Third and finally, it got my mind off of a very tough time in my life. Painting gave me a goal. It gave me peace. It gave me focus. It gave me a sort of "geek zen." 

I truly hope that all of you continue to enjoy your own miniature painting challenges, whether or not you're on the goal towards completing 30 miniatures, or if you are just looking to knock our one super detailed figure. I can't wait to share more snakemen with you, but I'm taking at least a week off. Besides I need a new brush.

Until then, happy painting!


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