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Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Seven

Under a Weirdling Sun

Peril on the Purple Planet is an epic DCCRPG box set devised by +Harley Stroh. The adventure is a hex crawl, so player characters get to explore a completely open and lush world. Characters must discover artifacts, make alliances, battle terrifying worms, and sustain the deadly sun's rays if they are to ever make their way back home.

Care to hear about this week's banishment? Read on!

Previous Tales of the Banished

The Banished

  • Marc
    • Nutbiter, Manimal 
    • Andy
      • Ssof Rehtaf, Cleric
    • Paul
      • Dukdiv/Dee, Kith
      • StarRider, Wizard
    • Alex
      • Nicodemus, Thief

    Banished to the Purple Planet - Part Seven - The Rock Awakens

    Judge's Note: I just want to point out two things about this session. First, you may notice that Nutbiter is now a player character. During his first official episode as a Glowburn co-host, I gave Judge Marc a gift: the gift of a manimal character for the Purple Planet. Admittedly there is an ulterior motive here, in that I'd like to see how this Mutant Crawl Classics character class operates in Dungeon Crawl Classics. For mutations, Nutbiter has 4 arms, plasticity, and molecular integration. So, an extra attack, fast runner, can stand tall and reach out, and can heal. 

    The second thing is that The Rock Awakens is a friggin' brutal and badass adventure that is laden with death: pure death. Death everywhere. Thankfully the party had Ssof the Cleric with them, but don't play around when adventuring in this city. 

    And be especially careful around three headed giant adders. 

    Day 8

    • The session begins at 12:40am, game time, with 10 hours of travel on the party's skiff.
    • The party rests through the night, so they can explore the skiff in the morning. 

    Day 9
    • Bright and early in the morning the party prepares to enter the great alabaster city. 
    • They notice that the walls are low enough to enter from any point. 
    • The ruined city is separated into four quadrants. Along the northern edge is a great, black stone "wave" that stretches out over a full third of the city's lost buildings.
    • Three buildings are left standing, including an old temple, a great tower, and a bizarre triangular building along the northern edge.
    • Six floating devices hover about high above the triangular building.
    • When the party enters the city they first have to contend with a patch of quicksand. Fortunately, Nutbiter is on point, and his legs are super stretchy. So when he gets sucked down into the sand, he is able to stand up a full 15' higher than normal. 
    • Ssof used his magic hammer "Fairy Stomper" to detect changes in the ground, leading the party around the sand.
    • The party noticed that the use of Fairy Stomper caused a minor earthquake. In fact, any magic used caused some kind of quake.
    • Heading east, the party came to one of the main roads intersecting the city. To the north they heard a voice chanting. To the east was the old temple. 
    • It seemed that all of the buildings that still stood were propped up by stony vines that rose from the ground below. 
    • When Dukdiv tried to cross the road, four stony vines attacked him. 
    • During a brutal battle with the stone vines, Dukdiv was almost killed, and Nutbiter lost his molecular integration power for the day. After freeing the party's Kith, the party fled to the east.
    • Nutbiter climbed on top of the temple, and Ssof climbed Nutbiter's leg to be on top of the building as well.
    • Dukdiv and Nicodemus tried entering the front of the temple, and all hell broke loose as a pair of giant, three headed adders attacked. Dukdiv was struck down again for the second time, and Nicodemus soiled himself and ran after taking a snake bite. 
    • Nicodemus climbed atop the roof, and the party regrouped. Ssof cast Sanctuary on himself, then went down to heal Dukdiv. 
    • Again, the party tried to enter the temple, but this time Nutbiter was felled along with Dukdiv. At least they killed one of the snakes. 
    • The team got Nutbiter out of there, but Dukdiv got dragged off by a snake. It was back on top of the roof again to regroup for a second time.
    • StarRider the Wizard showed up to assist, led the team into the temple, and Magic Missile'd the remaining snake (who was pregnant) with one hit.
    • Unfortunately the snake had already consumed Dukdiv, so he wasn't coming back. 
    • Nutbiter skinned the snake, and instantly StarRider noticed that the inside of the snakeskin read like a spell. One of the spells was Patron Bond for Azi Dahaka.
    • Given the powerful magicks he used to destroy the pregnant giant three headed adder, StarRider felt a special connection with Azi Dahaka, and was able to instantly attempt the bond.
    • StarRider knelt down, and consumed several of the remaining baby snakelings that were flopping around from the exploded giant snake. Once his eyes became snake eyes it was clear: StarRider was now fully bound to Azi Dahaka!


    "Get him boy! Go get him boy!" - Nicodemus trying to command Nutbiter. 

    "You should write Harley Stroh a very stern letter about how Manimals from Mutant Crawl Classics ruin Peril of the Purple Planet." - Alex

    Alex - "Gonna give it the old college try. [Fails die roll]"
    Judge James - "Did you go to community college?"

    "The view up here's pretty nice!" - Ssof to Nicodemus and Dukdiv getting attacked by snakes. 

    "Suddenly climbing the dog's leg doesn't seem so bad." - Andy

    "This game has literally become Tremors." - Judge James

    "You know, you should've called me sooner." - Starider to the rest of the party. 

    In Memoriam 

    • Dukdiv/Dee - Devoured by pregnant 3 Headed Giant Adder

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