Tuesday, July 17, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 24

This was the first day that the #30Days30Miniatures challenge has felt like a chore. I blame myself, however, for not setting myself up for success. I shouldn't have tried to complete two miniatures yesterday, but instead should've just wrapped up one, got one close to completion, and focused on some of my miniatures that were in process.

Finding time to paint each evening hasn't been too terribly difficult, but the goal of completing a miniature each night can be a bit of a stretch. To hit my mark, I need to go into each painting session with one of the miniatures already washed, so that I can allow proper time to dry before highlighting. But tonight I had nothing anywhere near that point. So in the middle of painting I took a half hour break, and came back to it afterwards. 

Painting miniatures became my whole evening.

For what its worth, I don't think these pictures do Veskit, Clan Eshin Executioner from Mordheim, proper justice. I was tinkering around with brighter coloring, since most of my Skaven are dark and ominous looking. Why not change things up? 

Trying something different, I went with one of Games Workshop's newer "shades" instead of the brown or black ink that I typically use for my washes. Wasn't thrilled. I have the sepia shade, and while it looked okay at first, it was just too thin for my taste. I ended up adding some brown ink and trying again.

So, adequate finish for a detail heavy skaven. I'm fine with this one. I can live with it. 

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