Sunday, July 8, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 15

Bring out the musketeers!

For today's #30Days30Miniatures post I've got a Dark Sword Miniatures rabbit duelist, and their counterpart from the Reaper Mouseling line. Even though the two of them may face off at some point on the game table, they were trained by the same master and therefore wear the same colors.

As always, I was dazzled with how the Dark Sword rabbit turned out. Great detail, a lot of fun to paint, just a solid piece.

I think the hat's my favorite part. While this is a great duelist or musketeer, I thought he could also count as a Final Fantasy Red Mage.

Less happy with the mouseling, mostly because of its eyes. One is WAY higher than the other, and therefore he looks goofy from straight ahead. I tried to fix this and really didn't do a good job. But it's okay otherwise.

This is the "bad side."

Here's the total pile so far. Day 15, and 23 miniatures completed. 

Show me your figures!

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