Friday, July 6, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 13

Wrapped up another Dark Sword Miniatures Rabbit soldier tonight!

This one has a super cool carrot shield, a sharp long sword, and a suit of banded mail armor.

He's totally ready for battle!

As an added bonus, his base is small enough that I should have no problem fitting him on a larger, 1 inch plastic base. Unless I go larger for all the bases to match.

Now that I think of it, I may want to work out some kind of sealer to wrap in all this painted goodness. I saw on a YouTube video that there is a varnish stage in miniature painting. Do you varnish? What do you use? I've never done this step, so maybe I should consider it. 

I only painted for about 90 minutes tonight, so just the one mini. But plenty of work on my minotaur and monk!

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