Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#30Days30Miniatures - Day 18

It's only taken me a year, but today, Day 18 of #30Days30Miniatures, I've completed Evie's all-bunny Frostgrave warband. Back on Evie's 11th birthday last July, I surprised her with a bunch of blister packs full of super high quality Dark Sword Miniatures. The only challenge was that I'd need to paint them, and at the time I was just getting back into painting after nearly nine years away from the hobby. 

I wrapped up three of them last summer, and another one around Christmas. But over the past eighteen days, I've completed the last five with Evie's rabbit thief. 

I kept the thief pretty dark, with a lot of different shades of grey and a brown ink wash. Save for the metal paints (bronze, silver, and gold) there's no other color save for some purple/pink eyes. 

I'm going to have to go look on Dark Sword Miniatures' website to see if there are any other rabbits out there to work on. Overall I really enjoyed painting these ones. Frankly I'm super spoiled on the level of detail. 

Gotta love that cloak!

The ever-dangerous Judge Evie told me that I needed to have these miniatures completed by her 12th birthday, so I was happy to comply. Now I get to watch her kick my butt on the Frostgrave table. She thinks that she'll be battling my all-mouseling warband, but I have a secret weapon being delivered all the way from the UK...

... snake-men!

Who else paints bunnies? 

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